Fringe climate activism group Blockade Australia have used the passing of Queen Elizabeth II to call for the country to be renamed, claiming ‘Australia’ is rooted in oppression.

Blockade Australia have caught the ire of Australians fed up with the radical groups extreme tactics that have caused commuter chaos for thousands of frustrated workers.

The group’s stated aim is to disrupt the country’s critical infrastructure to get its message across, however critics and some environmentalists say its extreme methods damage the cause.

In a series of posts blasted across social media, Blockade Australia took the opportunity to ignite controversy following the Queen’s death.

“Australia is not the name of this continent,” the group boldly declared.

“Australia doesn’t refer to this land, these waters, or the many communities that call this place home.

“Australia is the name of the economic and political systems which work to oppress and exploit this continent and its peoples.

“These systems are complex, corrupt and have been designed to maximise extraction and maintain hierarchies of power.”

Social media users were quick to mock the activists, with some commenters pointing out that the group’s name also includes ‘Australia’. “You’re so stunning, so brave Blockade Australia d-heads,” added another.

The activist group has caused havoc at protests including a blockade at the Sydney Harbour Tunnel this year that caused major traffic delays.

Police arrested 10 Blockade Australia protesters in June when a group of about 50 activists stormed through Sydney’s streets chanting, playing drums, with some pulling down signs, dragging wheelie bins onto the road and blocking intersections.

Eight Blockade Australia protesters were arrested after Police raided the group’s camp in Sydney’s north-west with authorities condemning the activists as ‘not only dangerous to themselves, but they put the lives of members of the public and those rescuing them at risk.’

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