LDR wasn’t easy for us but we made it! we’re finally closing the distance between us. No more sad goodbyes at the airport and no more choppy video calls. But LDR strengthened our relationship through the years even if we were physically apart. And even though it was rough especially during pandemic we still always support each other no matter what.

If you are in a long distance relationship right now, may this video motivate and help you to be more patient and understanding to your partner. Don’t lose hope and always keep in touch and keep praying that someday you too can get through the LDR phase and be with your partner soon. believe me. It’s really worth it.:)



  1. Wow what a nice reunion with your girlfriend I hope that both of you ma'am and sir have a strong relationship to each other May God bless you and your whole family keep safe always hoorah semper fi greetings from Asia's Latin City of zamboanga Philippines 🇵🇭

  2. This is making me smile! Congratulations🎉🎊!! Wow you fly to USA already. Which type of visa did you apply? I thought USA Embassy in Philippines announced that USA reopened for Filipino Tour next year on Feb 2023. We are almost 3 years of LDR. My boyfriend's parents want me to coming there USA. I told them that Feb 2023 by USA Embassy Philippines announced that. I realized you can travel to USA this years. How? Sorry for asking that, but let you know we are Deaf Couple / Filipino-American. I'm looking for the complete information. Thank you and again congratulation both of you <3

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