How far away is the sun from the earth?
92.96 million mi
Earth/Distance from Sun

Stop taking NASA’s word for it and go outside, look up, and use discernment!

Original Source: Russianvids

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  1. If the Sun is a lot closer than what they are telling us please provide me measurements of how close the sun is to a so I can go out and test this myself.

    And yes clouds are transparent go out at night time when it's a full moon and it's on overcast where the Moon is partially going in and out of the crowds and tell me if the clouds aren't transparent

  2. Decerment IS–> it's just the typical illusion of the Sun, when really that's  just the Sun Simulator's tricks. They can do all kinds of tricks IN FRONT OF THE SUN with their Fresnel Lenses.
    Wake up and realize they are just trying to create the "New Normal"  for all the Sheeple that will actually BUY that tall tale! Get Right with JESUS 😉


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