Come And Enjoy, Revelation 22:10-21, International lesson, Notes:

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📖Topic: Come and Enjoy
📖Scriptures: Revelation 22:10-21
📖Date: August 28, 2022
📖Rodney Jones sunday school

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  2. Dr. Jones, why do you say that Lucifer’s job was a morning star? Is it because another word for “morning star” is angel? And an angels job is to do the Will of God? Also, in Isaiah 14:12 it’s written that Lucifer was called the SON of the bright and morning star not the morning star.

  3. PTL Pastor, Dr. Rodney Jones. It is in Psalm 119 that every stanza in this chapter begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Every 8th verse begins with whatever the letter is in Hebrew.

  4. Pastor Rodney, you are a blessed and knowledgeable man of God, in the word of God. GOD'S hand is on you, don't let negative comments ever interfere with your good works that God has given you.
    Thank you for your service.


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