What does it mean to be anxiously engaged in a good cause? Join Taylor and Tyler along with the return of their guest, Alex Baugh, as they dive into these fascinating sections.
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0:00 Introduction and historical background of the Missouri era. A question to ponder as we prepare to study D&C 58 is how do we respond to feelings of being let down after high expectations have not been met? We can look upon these early Saints with historical compassion when we consider their struggles.
4:59 Historical background for D&C 58 includes a review of D&C 52-57 and the missionaries/members who have been called to go to Missouri.
10:37 Example of Bishop Edward Partridge who was not impressed with the Missouri area and is rebuked by Joseph Smith. He repents quickly and remains faithful.
14:58 The Prophet is the watchman on the tower. We follow the Prophet, not blindly, but because we recognize our own blindness.
17:50 D&C 58: 1-4 “For after much tribulation come the blessings.”
22:13 Verses 6-11 How Zion will be established. These early Saints were called to lay the foundation in a well-developed or prosperous nation. Eventually the gospel will be taken to the whole earth including the impoverished nations.
25:56 Verses 14-15 Edward Partridge’s example shows us how to respond when we have disagreements about doing the work of the Lord. We can ask “Lord, is it I?” and when needed repent of our “unbelief and blindness of heart.”
30:44 Verses 26-27 A concept of agency is that “men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause”. What does it mean to be slothful?
37:08 Martin Harris is asked to help finance the land purchases of the church.
38:15 Verses 28-32 The power is given to men to be agents unto themselves. Some blessings don’t happen because men choose not to obey.
44:04 Verses 42-44 “He who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more.” Story of W.W. Phelps and the example of Joseph Smith extending forgiveness.
48:10 Taylor offers another perspective on D&C 58-59. These sections are an example of a covenantal pattern. God is consistent in how he teaches His children. Part of the pattern includes instructions or commandments that teach us how to show loyalty in the covenant.
56:28 D&C 59: 3-4 Do we feel bound down by the commandments or blessed by these instructions? Elder Christofferson taught that if we want more agency and more power, we need to learn the laws of God and obey them.
1:01:32 Invitation to look at D&C 59 as a covenantal text for the Latter-days. Historical perspectives for this section are provided.
1:05:40 Covenantal instructions for Latter-day Saints include: How to show love for God, Sabbath Day worship, fasting with a purpose, expressing gratitude, obedience to the commandments and recognizing the hand of God in our lives.
1:13:55 What are the blessings of obedience? “rejoicing and prayer” (verse 14), “the fulness of the earth if yours” (verse 16), “peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come.” (verse 23). Concluding testimony and encouragement to try a little harder and continue moving forward on the covenant path towards the building up of Zion.

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  1. As l ponder section 59.5 l think of my ward Bishop Steven Forward. Then l think of the first Church Bishop Edward Partridge absolute obedience and loyalty to the cause even when his believe was opposed to that of the Prophet Joseph Smith. This can only be because of his great 'love' for God, his Prophet and in turn for humanity.

    Edward Partridge set the standard for future bishops and my Bishop carries that standard:my Bishop is such a humble man and through him l feel the love of God. I have felt so special listening to this lesson; that l should be part of the covenant pattern of God for Zion, wow…it's mind blowing. I just hope l am not slothful in doing my part.

    Thank you – you guys have become very special to me in my covenant journey with God

  2. We love your Come Follow Me Insights at our home. I learn something new each time I watch you. If you could ask your guest instructors to look at the camera when they teach, it would be helpful. I am hard of hearing and it helps to watch the speaker's mouth. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  3. I'm so glad Taylor shared more comments! His thoughts are SO GOOD! I love his insights about the scriptures and gospel. Please contribute more in the presentation. You add so much. I enjoy having both of your thoughts presented.

  4. Thank you, again, for continuing with Come Follow Me as we are studying Doctrine & Covenants this year. I usually don't get through an entire video in one day; but I will spend some time early in my day, throughout the week. I always learn and you help me consider things that I had not thought of before. Often, you share insights that I can totally relate to, as well. I find that this is a really good way to start my day. This morning, I got up on the wrong side of the blanket, so to speak, after a rough night and I was feeling a bit cranky. After saying my morning prayer, I listened to you while eating a little breakfast. I noticed after awhile that I was feeling better and had a much more positive outlook and I am now ready to go about the many tasks that are waiting for me to complete. I am ready to continue from yesterday, being "anxiously engaged in a good cause", doing what the Lord specifically wants me to do to help build Zion in the Latter Days.
    Please know that you are loved and appreciated by so many of us. May the Lord bless you in your efforts.

  5. Sometimes, people will never make amend and one has to learn to forgive and still love the person (family member, extended or not, friends… It is not easy and takes some times, but with the help of the Lord it is possible. Thank you for another great lesson!

  6. Thanks so much to the 3 of you for a great lesson on being on the Lords side. Also, I’m glad we still recognize Independence as Zion. It’s always been a question to me. We surely have to thank all of those who went before us who obeyed the Lords command to establish Zion. I love Bishop Partridge. Diane

  7. Another great lesson. Thank u so much for the time you spend in our behalf. You make this so enjoyable for me and I learn tons about the gospel. My testimony becomes stronger and stronger each week 🙏❤️

  8. So profound, brought me the opportunity to do some deep introspection. BTW, Taylor, your wife is beautiful and I DON'T see any sloth-like shreds of evidence in you. Thank you all for these teachings.

  9. I listen every week. I enjoy what I am learning! Have you ever considered saying “Brothers and Sisters” so much? It sometimes comes across a little like we need to be told what to do, which I know you are not trying to do. Thanks for all your efforts and studies!

  10. Great job I love watching the video's I learn so much. one suggestion I have for you, could you please have Alex B. talk to us (aka the camera)? He never talks to us he only talks to Tyler he looks at us but only a few times or less.


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