Part 2 of a 2 part in-depth study of the Book of Ruth and the first 7 chapters of 1 Samuel (part 2 covers 1 Samuel 1-7). This lesson focuses on Hannah’s portion and provocation, comforting the afflicted, trusting fallible leaders, the Song of Hannah, Samuel’s call, raiders of the lost ark, and more. Join Jared Halverson for your weekly Come Follow Me study of the Old Testament!

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Hannah’s Portion & Provocation
11:44 Comforting the Afflicted
16:27 Hannah’s Prayer & Eli’s Misjudgment
32:22 Hannah & Samuel
44:23 The Song of Hannah
51:47 The Sins of the Sons of Eli
1:08:32 Samuel’s Call
1:22:03 Raiders of the Lost Ark
1:31:23 The Consequences of Taking the Ark Unworthily
1:45:04 Returning to the Lord
1:51:04 Conclusion: Ebenezer

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  1. 1:17:19 Its tricky to deliver such message to adults who clearly are doing wrong, in the eyes of the Lord. And to rebuke them, they view it as you judging them and start to qote scriptures at you – ' not to judge ' 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1:19:34. Who really has his courage these days?

  2. Like many of Isaiah's writings, Hannah's psalm includes many contrasts emphasizing God's power to make something lowly great and vice versa. She says that the barren woman will have 7 children and the woman with many children will lose them. Isaiah says something very similar to that. More than just emphasizing God's power to give and take away, I believe this description describes the scattering and gathering of Israel as well as the process of someone being adopted into covenant Israel. Since Israel is the "bride" of Christ, I think we can put ourselves in place of the women in these stories.
    The New Testament includes many stories of barrenness and miracle births, particularly concerning royal Israelite lineage. These stories highlight God's power to make something fruitful even when it seems impossible, but I think they also teach us that God will restore his covenant people even when it seems impossible.
    Earlier in the New Testament we read that the firstborn children (and animals) belong to the Lord, but the priests (the Levites) will dedicate their lives to God in their places. It's extra interesting that this role is being reversed in the story of Hannah. She sacrifices her "firstborn" (a type of Christ) to be a priest when the ones that have been called to be priests (Eli's sons) are desecrating the holy calling.
    As covenant Israel, we should take this story as a warning to not be complacent in our

  3. Lol, Jared here is a bit of advice on the trying to FIX THINGS FOR your wife……A GREAT BOOK by John Gray, MEN ARE FROM MARS AND WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS??????


  4. The parallels between Samuel and Joseph Smith are palpable.
    Samuel tells Eli, and Eli says "good for you". Joseph Smith tells his pastor, and his pastor says "that's of the devil".

  5. This is my first time honestly studying the Old Testament. I've read it a few times but never went this deep. I'm truly grateful Bro. Hal can be my guide in my first deep dive.

    We love you Brother Halverson!

  6. 52:30 "Hannah had come to know the Lord intimately…" Those who turn to Him in their extremities do come to know Him and to love Him and be healed by Him. And so we cling to the rock that He is for dear life and never ever let Him go!!!!

  7. “Come, Thou Fount” is one of my absolute favorite hymns. I do love the line about ‘here I lay my Ebenezer’ as I too always tried to figure out the meaning (A Christmas Carol is one of my favorites). I think Scrooge’s name is perfect as we see that he is changed into exactly what his name means. The transition from godless to being filled with charity, I think, describes perfectly our journey to becoming the person Christ would have us become. Thank you for including it in this lesson.

  8. This will be my third attempt to share this comment. I remember that one of the last talks – if not THE last talk – President James E. Faust gave was on this hymn (Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing) and he shared some insights about the meanings and symbolisms of many of the phrases contained.

    I'm very grateful for the frequency with which you bring in the doctrines and truth contained in our hymns. I love the simplicity with which they teach important truths.

  9. Thank you for another wonderful lesson! I learned so much, had a wonderful belly laugh and you solved and age-old mystery about exactly what Ebenezer was. that line has driven me crazy for years and I agree it couldn't have been Scrooge LOL. thank you so much and love to you and your family. ❤️

  10. I just love your weekly program! How wonderful to see the Old Testament come to life! Love how you relate the lessons of the scriptures to us in our lives! Thank you for sharing your time and amazing knowledge of the scriptures!!!

  11. This storyline of family members are different for many reasons.Hanna, gave back her gift she was given earlier than expected, and given to a beautiful life,in her eyes.and God blessed her in many ways
    Then blessed Samuel in many ways because of his faith and study of scriptures, loving God, willing to Hear Him 📖❤️🙏


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