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  1. Hey brother Levi.
    I shared a video that was shared to me to you on facebook messenger. It wouldn't let me download it on my phone. I was going to send it to you via email. But I found you on facebook. Sent a friend's request to you and also shared that video to you. It would be considered a banned video. You may have seen the video already but if not. Something to check out.
    God bless.

  2. Brother Wayne, did you see the parade in Egypt for the moving of the ancient pharaohs and king and queens? Seriously looked like the CERN ritual pretty weird. They did this on April 4th Passover. just a bit strange and was wondering if you had heard of it. No one I have found has spoken on it except one brother in Christ from Israel. He only made mention of it so I looked it up…pretty bizarre


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