Reports have come out the CIA is converting commercial airliner for the purpose of transporting weapons into the US could this be true?



  1. Does your conscience as a professing Christian ever trouble you for promoting such unfounded crap just so you can promote your social media accounts to satisfy your lust for filthy lucre? You and your wife are such charlatans! May God judge your according to your deeds!

  2. N.Y. and Washington D.C is also on the Masonic order cathedral in N.Y. shows the destruction of those. That has been around a long time. C'mon. Brother!
    Cheers From Chemtrail Hell Detroit

  3. Call b.s. brother! They have had 40 years to smuggle in metric tons of weapons, in fact in the days and months after 9/11 two containers in san Francisco we're found to contain automatic rifles,light machine guns,Rpg's,mortars,belt fed heavy machine guns. ?
    Really! Well if this was a shipment to the Chinese gangs it was b.s.
    There is no government, it's a corporate entity, it's in bed with it's cousins and they may have armed mercenary elements and street gangs like ms13 etc. But c'mon brother! Really! Call b.s.
    And I work for a place that has built all the launching bases for star link, your going to get a majik show straight out of Hollywood!

  4. There is a rapture so soon!! Believe it!! But almost everything is man made, the weather, bombs, etc! What are they going to say when we're raptured? I'm sure they'll lie of course. God's wrath will be next year (natural events). But we've been experiencing manmade events for so many years! Yes, I believe all fires started man made. They make the same weather, and could put the fires out but wont! And droughts are man made. Rapture this year. God's wrath next year!

  5. @Israeli News Live, "Fiocchi has announced plans for a significant investment in a new, independent manufacturing facility in Little Rock, AR, which will operate in tandem with the company’s long-established Ozark, MO, ammunition facility. The plan is part of an ongoing strategic initiative by Fiocchi of America and the Italy-based Fiocchi Group to expand its U.S. and international operations."

  6. No such thing as planets. The stars are not planets. The sun, moon, and stars are within the firmament as stated in Genesis, The Book of Enoch, and The Book of Jubilee's.

    We as believers can't discern the truth if we do not truly understand the word of God. All this science about space was created by the Catholic Church. (Heliocentric model = Nicolas Copernicus and The Big Bang = Georges Lemaitre).

    Heck the earth is ONLY the land portion as stated in Genesis which doesn't include the water which are called Seas but again science will have you thinking that a ball of water and land are both THE EARTH. Come folks…

  7. Why are you always on the road when you do videos? ..just asking brother
    I have a theory on this…wait till Russian troops are on our eastern shores and the chicomms are on the western shores–use your imagination from there

  8. 1. The Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit
    Was and each honors each other. This was foreordained from the beginning was laid out including the fall of the angels and man. God in his all knowing knows the the beginning and the end and everything in between every single strand of DNA, dust and particle of matter only exist by him and his word and without him nothing exist. God in himself knew from the beginning every word that would ever be spoken by anyone and every letter written in any language has already been known to God from the beginning.
    2. Father created angles and the host of heaven
    3 The Father created the heavens and earth and all that is in it. The word is true in every detail.
    4. The Father created man with the breath of God and from the dust Rh negative blood line no rhesus monkey blood line we where created and there was no evolution at work. The father created the heavens and earth in 6 days and man and rested on the 7th and the scripture is absolutely true.
    5. The devil tempts Eve and fall of man begins which was foreordained also.
    6. The fallen angels take wives and create giants and monsters upon the Earth by manipulating the DNA of creatures. They did this to pollute the blood line of Christ but failed from the beginning. By these the Nephilim and the fallen angels and their offspring were able to build these huge monolift weighing in 10,000 tons each and move them hundreds of miles and build them because of their super human strength and size. These are located all over the world has proof from the pyramids to South America to other places across the world.
    7. The Father tell Enoch and Noah of flood and His decision to destroy the nephllim and monster they and their fathers( the fallen angels)created
    8. Noah blood line was pure. They where saved from the flood. The blood line of Rh negative. This the Rh negative didn't come from genetic manipulation by the Fallen Angels. That which it produced was the RH positive rhesus monkey Factor. They are of the fallen and can never see the truth. The Fallen Angels manipulated animals and all kinds of beasts and birds of the air and insects to the manipulation of DNA to create Monsters of all kinds.
    9. It happened again with the fallen angels
    10. Israel was told to destroy them all
    11. Throughout the Scriptures it has always been God with his Chosen Few. God chose Abraham and his descendants through the children of the promise. Not the children of the flesh. Roman's chapter 8 thru 9 as well as Psalm 139 and many other verses back that up. He chose those from the foundation of the world just as he created them in the beginning Rh negative these are the children of the promise Their names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world. Scripture say that we have been chosen by God and drawn to Christ Jesus who is our savior by the Holy Spirit . This you find in John chapter 6 and it is those given to the Son by the Father drawn by Holy Spirit and none come unless they have been given by God .He has lost none except the son of perdition. This each honors each which are one.

  9. The Dragon pulled down a 3rd of the stars with his tail. Have you sern the lightning shows in and around san Francisco? The Superbowl halftine show was all about the silver and golden gates being opened. In the Pacific rim movies the interdeminsional monsters were poping up in the Pacific Ocean and water was the door.

  10. Your forgetting that the pope is meeting with all the heads of religion to meet togetherness sign an agreement to a one world religion in September. Guess who represents the Christians

  11. Anyone who has high level resources is of Satan unsubscribing from this channel OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST YESHUA is coming soon the Israeli peace treat will be signed in a couple of weeks by the Antichrist

  12. I tried to be a Patreon and when I put my email and it says that I already have an account but that is definitely not true, I’ve been trying and trying it won’t work

  13. Christian's are fixing to be under SEVERE persecution! We must be ready to suffer with Christ 🙏 Honestly we as Christian's shouldn't be worried about the wrath of God because his wrath isn't for HIS people 🙌

  14. Morning guy's, New Zealand is in lock down, Auckland is level 3, looks like cases are growing slowly!
    The rest of the country is level 2. Yes the government has gone hard and fast to react to the current c19 situation.

    There's incompetence at checking stations, people are being asked the question about C19, but no serious action is happening.

    I'm guessing that our government might use the military.
    Watch this space.
    God bless you all are your family. Amen
    From New Zealand.


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