1. This is mostly useless, Josh believes politics are real, that maybe Trump is not part of the conspiracy, he doesn't even think there's even a conspiracy. This is just greed and incompetence for the most part for him, not a diabolical plan to bring the new world order and the mark, wich is what this is. All this information is non important for the most part. And hearing Gonz and Basil agreeing with his points ("yeah", "sure") instead of stopping him right there saying "man, the new world order is what they want, all parties sre working together to make it a reality and all points to the digital money and mark of the beast soon. The left vs right stuff is useless and you have been talking for an hour about that non stop. Please, enough" hurt a lot. Just watching him, letting him continuing saying the same points over, and over. Apologizing for trump, remembering us all that democrats are worse, that things could be fixed with the right person in office.

    Seriously brothers, this has been of NO help for anybody. This guy is either in on it or completely clueless.

    Around the 47min mark he says: it's not like the government has ever been good (but he defends trump the luciferian kabbalist freemason). Amd then he mentions a "good military" as something good that the government has done.

    I mean, what kind of christian is this??? I'm speechless. And here he is in ccnt spreading his nonsense, with all the things that are happening this man talks for two hours about politics and Gonz and Basil stay silent doing nothing.
    Mind blowing.

    And then, i don't know if he doesn't remember his own words, but he says "i don't support this left right paradigm", but you are giving it validation by saying "this politician is better than this one, this one is legit, this one isn't" and "I'm a trump supporter", so wich one is it?.

    Maybe not a deceiver, but he really doesn't know what he is talking about. He wants to be neutral, but at some point we have to take a side after all the evidence. This conspiracy is real, they want the mark and their world government, another world war, and everything is getting in place while we say nothing and stay neutral, thinking about stupid stuff like politics and how "trump is just a man, give him a brake", NO, he is a demonic bastard and im not going to have sympathy for the devil, never!

  2. I'm in the air force and he's 100% correct when he said that military wouldn't flip on civilians and that is more true than you can imagine… Sure there is idiots out there every where but your every day member would not turn on civilians


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