September 23 — A date some are predicting a planet is supposed to collide with the earth — may have hackers using the airwaves for a doomsday alert.



  1. It is the End Times. The scroll has been unrolled. Why is the Vatican building a snake? Why do they meet there singing to Lucifer? Perhaps it's time to Wake Up people know something is not right. Go to Jonathan Kleck to find out what's going on.

  2. Napanuod ko ito…maaring tama sila… 2022 nagbabala ang mga scientist kung hnd maagapan ang global warming maaring tatagal na lang ang mundo ng tatlong or apat na taon..

  3. Sylvia Tina
    2 minutes ago
    Ted turner I miss watcher laurel and Hardy on tnt. Gone with the wind and The King and I! Go days nothing on tv. You made tv makes us feel like billionaires. What images movies can do to the mind. Rich minded! Pray TED back in power. Love , joy good childhood from Ted Turner…., She s Ted Turner….

  4. Okay, I just gotta say that I don’t ever remember hearing about this but That Saturday, September 23, was going to be my 11th birthday, and I didn’t even know there was a end-of-the-world threat 😨 I wouldn’t have even known I would die on my birthday. I would have been born and killed on the same date, different year. Thank goodness it wasn’t true 🙏🏼😭

  5. Hillariously we are still actually in a 25,000 year end of the world cycle triggered by the sun completing another lap of the Milky Way. But it's going to end pleasantly for the Earth not badly.


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