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  1. So sweet that Pastor looks to Heidi, excitedly, to share new insights. Equally a good role model, you check in with Heidi for information or clarifications. The Lord has brought me to you and I am so grateful. May God continue to bless you. And as an aside, dude don't slurp your coffee. Lol. But seriously….

  2. Yes….. It crossed my mind that too about its a man made virus by the Elitists – Illuminati Secret World Government to cut down on the population ( Look Up About The Georgian Stones )

  3. Chinese are eating fetus and scrapping political dissidents for parts. They oppressed Hong Kong. Hong Kong called on the Lord. There are probably virus victims dead in the countryside. Eagles 🦅 gather where the corpses are.

  4. This is for MarFoogle, I was watching a video of yours on another channel and you mentioned the direction the earth travels. Sir if your a Christian, remember the Bible says the Earth is stationary.

  5. Please pray for me. I need several absolute miracles from God all at the same time. My life and my home are in danger because of my health. God bless you Pastor, and everyone and God bless all those suffering from this virus and it's effects.

  6. Can I ask for help and prays please I'm in UK no family no one really I dont get out much. I have tried to get through to our saviour but i dont think I'm getting through.
    Godbless evry color or creed Amen🙏🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧

  7. 💦Callaway Blue Spring Water💦 is the best water💦 ever..Saw the word on his HAT..once you taste it you'll never want any other water💦…Publix and WinnDixie has it…It's worth the cost 24ct runs about $6💸/$8💵 pack

  8. Today is the 6th of February as I watch your video and I just saw a report that there has been over 24,000 deaths, and not too long ago a Chinese nurse spilled the beans on the Wuhan medical Hospitals and so on and she reported there were over 90,000 infected people and that for every 1 infected, 14 more would get it from that person! "ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

  9. Enjoyed your vlog, very informative! My dad has shown me a few of your videos before! I'm about to subscribe after this message actually! If you have a mirror around next time hold your computer in front of the mirror to show the videos if you are live. My dad was a preacher growing up and I've read revelations at least three times maybe more. It seems to me that all the things going on all around the world from earthquakes, flames in Russia, insect plagues, growing conflicts with other nations and who knows what else! It all seems biblical to me!, take care and be prepared,

  10. I need some of the collegian to heal my degenerative spine/40’s of epidurals/surgery, osteo all over, knee replacement, thyroid issues, heart/implanted defibrillator, fibromyalgia, carpal, sleep apnea and unrelenting pain! But still working! Barely!
    This sounds so engineered! First you set the virus out, now you set forth a virus transmitting insect which will bite everything living and it will change many times going thru it’s cycles? What does everyone think?

  11. For the previous two Christmas days my granddaughter Lost ALL of her hair. The same thing happened with us we got a beautiful blanket and cross an we agreed with u all in prayer for healing and this CHRISTMAS 2019 NO HAIR LOSS praise the Lord Jesus

  12. how does this new Coronavirus compare to the Ebola virus? does anyone have the numbers, the reason I ask is because of a dream I had a while back about 2 years ago

  13. The Lord God of Host is Not a Genie, this is Hersey!!!! You have No Idea who The Lord God of host is!! God is a Warrior, stern. You have No idea what it is to worship The Lord God of Host, it is much more than telling people to get saved, anyone can do that!! But to keep your salvation is very hard to do!! The Lord of Host is about serious business!! To worship God Almighty you have to be holy as possible and be ye separated from this world system.
    Pour out your heart to God Almighty and to Love the Lord God of Host with all your soul!!!!

  14. I need prayers for my two Daughters and grandson whom I have lost to wicca. That they may hear the lords words and come out of Satans words.
    Prayers for myself as I have just had surgery for skin cancer and blocked artery this past Jan and Feb 2019. After a three year spriural and legal battle with Daughter over grandsons custody. I lost that battle but not the war. I am still fighting.
    God Bless all


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