Aparentemente esta señora no entendió el guión…



  1. Ok, this was a horrific act . 34 people dead in 48 hours but so is..
    500 people to medical errors
    300 to flu
    250 to suicide
    200 to auto accidents
    And here's the kicker
    Every 48 hrs 40 people die to hand guns but yet they want to ban the higher caliber rifle???

  2. This reminds me of a saying my old grand pappy used to say. "Boy" he said "you'll never see a psychological shooting operation without that old chestnut, the "I saw multiple gunmen" witness. That's because they don't care who you're trying to blame, so long as you don't ask whether or not it actually happened"
    I guess he was senile…

  3. Does anybody else find it strange that these “shooters” are just disappeared. I’m a bit older but ever since Timothy McVeigh no one seems to try and get inside the mind of these individuals. Serial Murderers used to be studied and interviewed by every psychologist and journalist to discover the hows and whys. The public seemed desperate to discover the inner workings of a deranged mind. But now their either killed on the spot or locked away never to be heard from or spoken of. I also find it very curious that a lot of these people have written manifestos. As if a nice little bow were being wrapped around these crazy stories of death and chaos It certainly makes me think that all is well at MK Ultra. God Bless and remember it’s the principalities we are at war with. Not the individual.

  4. You want to see a bizarre compilation of comments..head over to last nights (or whenever it was) episode of The Late Show (or whatever show it is with the Colbert guy..did I spell that right?)(the YouTube video of it, btw)
    My GOD it's bad..I can't believe just "how" bad it is.. it's like the Satanic version of "believing like a child"..scary..

  5. Welcome one, welcome all, to this weeks installment, of your favorite show, The Hegelian Dialectic.. let's have a BIG round of applause for the love of gullible deception!! Whoo Hoo!

  6. The people that are killed in these things are simply considered collateral damage, cannon fodder… and the end justifies the means. We're dealing with monsters.

  7. I've lived in Southern NM almost all of my adult life…36yrs. This is the worst. El Paso has always been calm cool collected & friendly until this trumped-up immigrant "problem" & the gov't began using Hispanic deaths as political platform

  8. What tha fuggg? Whatthafugg? What the…??????? Why are they denying the truth? Reports did say it was possibly more than one person that seemed to be involved..but they only mentioned that one time only on first day..then silence..a gag. This story must remain alive. Is anyone doubting this info? 22 people..one person?

    Also.. does anyone appreciate the Puerto Rican people who United together to get their crook out of office? I do. They took back their society and are determining who will lead who is ethical. Amazing. Go Puerto Rico. Why don't we have the courage???

  9. Its just a coincidence that there was 2 incidents within 13 hours, one by a member of the "right " and one by a member of the "left", right after the Trump Russia probe failed terribly and the public is starting to call the left on their lies and bullcrap. Good timing to bury all that and get he sheep back in the pen bleating about g control. As the puppet masters pull the strings, the sleeping world sits back on their couches to watch it unfold, unaware of things like this being said by the witnesses, and not caring the person who did the thing North of this was tweeting before the incident form his account "@ I am spookster". Im sure that's just another silly coincidence that the term spook is used to describe a spy, agent, operative, etc and that both acts were racially charged hate crimes by private citizens, the only way to prevent these things will be to ban guns and monitor the internet for "conspiracy theorists".


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