Dana Coverstone, an Assemblies of God pastor in Indiana has had a series of prophetic dreams. What is my thoughts on them? Are they biblical? Is having prophetic dreams even biblical? Let’s look at those issues and more.

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  1. Don't worry about Russia, they have orthodox Christianity revival going on there right now! Trump won't let them invade your land. But more than that God will not let them invade your land, they have put themselves under God (not Satan), Putin is commissioning the building and restoration of Christian churches and their type of worship in fervent ardor, there's 3 Christian churches opening in Russia EVERY DAY! Its not our type of worship but God is not into 'types' of worship, He's only interested in the heart of people!! In his dream we feel the soldiers were just symbolic of foreign troops being allowed to invade your land. This is what God showed us when we prayed about the dreams (plural – 3 dreams, 3 messages): Hi, we R in Australia, were sent Ps Dana's dreams video to pray for America. We don't know exactly what's going on in USA. We have a Pentecostal unashamed Christian Prime Minister over our land & God is blessing us. We prayed & God clearly showed us Ps Dana's LAST dream IS a Warning Dream, just a warning, it is not going to come to pass if… just like the Destroyer could not destroy Nineveh when they turned to God & God's way for Nineveh. God showed us the PIVOTAL FACT that Ps Dana saw: Donald Trump was no where to be seen in THIS dream! This is why the foreign troops were in your land & the chaos & destruction was upon your land. God showed us this is all about your Leadership. God showed us Satan is using the Democrat party to work thru coz he can, & when these rule they bring chaos & destruction upon your states, cities, land. U will C most of the evil on your land now is in what we saw in prayer "Blue" places. God showed us this is a warning dream: If you Americans choose to vote Blue or Democrats this is what you will get. If you do not vote then Satan is not blocked, & he will have his way & Blue will reign in your land. U may not like Donald Trump but he is God's choice just like King David & King Cyrus once was to Israel yet both were not perfect in the flesh. God can work thru Trump & Satan can work thru Democrats. Do not fear! NOTHING will come to pass if your vote Red, vote Trump in. We don't know this preacher but we were directed to him by God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEN2lICepP8 What God is Saying Right Now | Tim Sheets – – we listened & heard: the 1st dream Ps Dana had was this great shaking that Ps Tim Sheets was told of the Lord, & note how God says the great shaking is NOT for the Church, the Ecclesia of God. Be still & know that He is our God. Vote God's leader choice & you will be blessed as we R blessed here with our very Christian leader. In our state in Aust the only Covid we had here was from Americans off a ship, now they are gone & we have none & R free like nothing has happened! As the Bible says: leadership determines the spiritual atmosphere of the country, all us humans have choice, we always have choice, choose God's plan not Satan's plan for your country. Watch Tim Sheets video, revival is coming. God Bless.


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