Are Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams from God?? Let’s scrutinize their authenticity. Watch Dana’s dreams (click SHOW MORE):

His First dream which takes us to Nov.:

Sept. through Dec. dream:

Oct. Dream:

Nov. dream, including Hillary Clinton and Biden:

Dec. dream:

Statue of Liberty dream. Important aspect of this dream (he doesn’t appear to understand) is that THREE of the Statue of Liberty’s spikes are broken OFF! These 3 spikes of her crown represent the THREE years Lady Liberty is fighting for her life (civil war), but she eventually dies! I see these 3 years as being the final 3 years after 1st Trumpet.

An interesting Interview:

There are other videos, but they’re just discussions of his dreams and or him praying about his dreams. I suggest we GET READY!!

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Hear my testimony along with John Paul Jackson prophesying over my wife and I:

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  1. A mocker resents correction; he will not consult the wise. (Proverbs 15:12)
    Practically every false doctrine comes from getting things out of order. God's divine order is salvation, then change; not change and then salvation! If one has to be changed to be saved, that's salvation by works. It is also salvation by the flesh. The truth is, one is cleansed from the sins of the flesh just as he is saved; by yielding to the Holy Spirit and letting Him do His work." ~Jack Hyles~
    Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words. (Proverbs 23:9)

  2. Forgive me, but in your opinion do you believe there will be massive food shortages this fall/winter, along with an EMP? And do you believe America will see foreign troops on our soil? I’ve been praying asking for guidance, but I’ve recently come out of an opiate dependence, and I’m struggling to hear….I think my sensitivity is off.


  4. U mean u have the same dream at least…son if u have the same spirit then it's God…understand if the dream is from God…then God owns the dream so He can also give it to others as well so then its CONFIRMED…

  5. What is this ??? !!! Are you really listening to what he is saying. Are we hearing the same things? He is first saying he didn't understand the first dream but the others are true. Then that other pastors have been prophesying and have been correct but then missed the mark. How does GOD misses the mark If this is from God to begin with?. Please read the word and pray for wisdom and discernment because given the comments I read there are many being lead astray.

  6. Courtesy of the Holy Spirit you can know that USA wont experience "nuclear case ignition" across multiple states, international military stomping through the streets of USA, or see apocalyptic wasteland styled devastation of "flee to the mountains/pray that your flight not take place in winter/ abomination causing desolation" scenarios in NOV 2020.

    You may be in need of psychological assistance into 2021/22/23/24 really to contend with these 'feelings' you have regarding the dreams according with scripture or to be the work of the Holy Spirit.

    Just so you know..USA does support "Israel" in later skirmishes, although lead into that by fakeries..So by commonsense you can know that USA is still a world military power post November.

    Regarding unrest in USA , Its already a known since 2019 that Marxist elements hope to disrupt the election by planned violence , and pre-empting loss to DT is a known,  because nobody with confidence to win at a ballot resorts to anarchy. So yes, you'll see attempts, but nothing the US military can't squash.

    If you're one of those expecting "imminent rapture" , you'll be very disappointed too..considering Coverstone's dreams only actually reached your ears by mass propagation through the "imminent rapture network" in what you call "viral proportions"
    That's nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. .its to do with acts of lunacy by millions in delusion, just by your own display of total belief lets you know that you actually have zero discernment,  so most definitely can't be indwelt by the Holy Spirit yet. You may just have a 'feeling' that you are.
    The millions of views is made real for you by the MANY in similar delusions as Coverstone,  although the fun part is that he's single-handedly sucked in the whole "Grace/Imminent rapture" networks to collapse their core doctrine of never seeing "great tribulation"..telling all they WILL see these 'terrible times'…but with his little caveat that "Im not saying the rapture will happen".

    So his dreams vs imminent rapture are actually diametrically OPPOSED as his foundation is the candyfloss of a fake doctrine. . A bee to honey" syndrome by " deceived and deceivers".'s what you can see play out post Nov because  failing most of his dream content itll be these types of reasonings:

    1- The fasting and prayer moved God to intervene.
    2- No rapture happened because God wants more saved.
    3. Most things in dreams are DT dead, foreign military on US soil, devastation from the asteroid,  giant tsunamis etc "it was all metaphorical"
    4- We need to keep praying, and extending the 'conferences'.
    5- We see but dimly. ..
    6- The bridegroom merely tarries. We have been given more 'time'.
    7- The prophecies extend into 2021..2022…it wasnt just November.
    8- It can still happen! God never destroyed Ninevah immediately even though they prayed and fasted.
    9 – The angelic host prevailed in the fierce warfare on our behalf allowing us more time.
    10- Dreams in parts dont have to be chronological could also refer to later times.
    11- I know I said Nov, but perhaps in the stressful anxiety I misinterpreted some parts.
    12- God said we need "more" people to pray…MORE is needed.

    Coverstone is actually  dogmatic and authoritarian by nature, different to the meek and tearful pastor he portrays in vids. He'll cite his theological degrees and years of pastoring to NOT admit he's false…in fact he'll go on having dreams for the duped, and milk the max into 2021..22..23…24.

    Also..Coverstone says "Im not a prophet"..but tells you about hands laid  on him years ago saying he will "prophesy to thousands" ..adding in its like "hundreds of thousands". So..I can tell you Lucifer was there too….platforming.

    "This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sternly, so that they will be sound in the faith Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth." – The WORD.

    Actually. .his 'dreams' are already morphing to 'new revelations' he'll soon receive on how "God is hearing the prayers and changing" If anyone was dumb enough to swallow the first bait whole..youll get reeled in all 2021..2022..this is GUARANTEED as you see none of the clique in abject delusion go anywhere 'up'. It'll never be 'tribulation' for these even if wars break out..because theyll be gone nowhere. It would be funny, except it's pathetic that these in abject fear of suffering anything for Jesus, suddenly become 'warriors'. There's a warning for those who love the lie and hate the truth. It has very dire consequences, contrary to the fairytales.

    To anyone mesmerised by Coverstone's utter garbage, enjoy the long ride really. He's the image of a deceiver of note really.
    Apocalyptic :describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.

    For any other LIARS looking for his absolution later..YHWH is not into tiddlywinks. You can be sure if God said its the 'end' is. All that were part of propagating the works of darkness, ascribing that to the Holy Spirit….in simple language 'Its curtains'.

  7. november 30th, that's the day lucifer got arrested (LOL) when he was trying to have me arrested. backfired. blew up in his face. that was 2010. so, 10 years ago. he went to prison for 5 or 6 months as a result of that arrest.

  8. Thanks again Steve! Just wondering your thoughts on the Abraham peace accord signed today? Also, any thoughts about the 3 week lockdown in Israel starting on Rosh Hashanah? Significance of either?

  9. Pastor Steve, In Dana’s October dream it begins with the white figure Underlining the middle two weeks of October and then tapping October 31 several times and then the stone hitting a large pond and then the wind and waves increase in magnitude. What does this mean to you? Thank you , Dino

  10. Thanks, Steve! I'm glad you shared links, too. I hadn't seen all of Pastor Dana Coverstone's videos. From what God has shown me, it's going to get ugly politically, but it's not like that's a stretch. What I saw, the next shutdown is so much worse. I just listened to Sid Roth with Tracy Cooke. I didn't know him, so I had to look him up. I also "feel" Dana Coverstone is sincere. I'm good at reading people.

  11. I also know this do you have dreams he had dreams and visions Jonathan Cahn wrote a book The Oracle and Paradigm in the harbinger wanted to because God gave him Vision Tracy cook at dreams let's guy some guy named Bridges had dreams they may all be connected in some way so that you warned the people that our liberties are all going to be stripped and we need to turn to God and there's a good chance when this happens we won't be here will be up with the rapture

  12. Everybody said it's a symbolic dream that the one lady had to interpret it and so did The Prophecy Club they had interpreted cuz he understood it but he didn't know how to explain the symbolic dream was about salt all you could do is pray that God gave him that warning cuz it just seemed like Doom and Gloom to me


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