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This is a prophetic dream vision that Dana Coverstone had about December 2020. He has had controversial “prophetic” dreams and visions about September, October, November, and December 2020.

Dana Coverstone is a name that has garnered considerable attention in recent weeks. He serves as a bi-vocational pastor of Living Word Ministries, an Assemblies of God church in Burkesville, KY.

The church’s website introduces the pastor in this way: “Pastor Dana Coverstone has a bachelors in Bible Theology from Central Bible College and a Masters of Divinity in Expository Preaching from Trinity Seminary. He began his ministry in 1991 as Youth Pastor at the Assemblies of God church in his hometown of Jasonville, Indiana. After serving there for 10 years he took the lead pastorate at an Assemblies of God church near Terre Haute, IN. In 2010 Pastor Dana and his family moved to Burkesville, KY to take the pastorate at Living Word.”

In June, Pastor Coverstone shared a video that has now been viewed over one million times in which he claims to have had dreams about the future. He believes his three dreams were given by God and should serve as a warning for our country.

His first dream was in December 2019. It revealed that something would happen in March and again in June 2020. He saw sickness, cities on fire and protesters. He heard the words, “Brace yourself. Brace yourself. Brace yourself.” Clearly a warning of bad things to come. Of course, looking back, it is easy to understand his dream in light of the events around COVID-19 and recent racial unrest. Coverstone says in the video, “The things I saw in the dream, are the same as I saw in the news in March through June.”

His second dream was like the first in that he again saw a calendar. A “white figure” appeared, said “Part Two” and again emphasized two months of the year – this time, September and November. Coverstone saw a fist hit the month of November and it exploded. He saw fighting in the streets, businesses and schools closed, money being sucked out of banks, politicians making deals while Washington D.C. burned. People were hiding in their homes and churches were burning. He saw no sign of President Trump or of leadership in our nation’s capital. It was utter chaos. And again, he heard the words, “Brace yourself. Brace yourself. Brace yourself.”

While in his explanation of his dream, he doesn’t say anything about the significance of September, of course, November will be significant due to the national election that will take place. Clearly, distressing and troubling times for our country are ahead.

In a third dream, he went to a bank for change and was told there was no change available as the U.S. mint was no longer making coins. The teller told him, “Prepare for hyperinflation.” Then came those words once again, “Brace yourself. Brace yourself. Brace yourself.”

Coverstone said since his first dream came true, he needed to share the other dreams as well. He believes COVID-19 will come back strong this fall and that chaos will revolve around the election. “We are going to see what could only lead to civil war in this country.” Later in the video he says, “I believe we are going to see between September and November incredible, terrible, awful, nasty, bad things happen in this nation.”

He urged believers to stockpile food, to find alternative forms of currency, to have an ample supply of guns and ammunition and to establish a communication plan with family members. And then to pray like you’ve never prayed before.

So, what do we do with these “prophesies” of Dana Coverstone?

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  1. Here is a kind of related fascinating prediction: A different dreamer than Dana Coverstone, who was also an interpreter of dreams — a very godly man whose predictions have proven 100% accurate — wrote that the leader of the world’s greatest nation — described as a man of worldwide fame who loved more than anything to boast about his own grand accomplishments in developing the greatness of his nation AND WHO ACCOMPLISHED GOD’S PROPHETIC WILL FOR ISRAEL — would be driven out of power and lose everything! Even his mind! The dream also predicted he would remain out of power and destitute and completely unhinged until he finally acknowledged God is the God of all kings and all people.

    That leader was King Nebuchadnezzar who drove the Jews out of Israel. His boasting can be seen here:

    "All this happened to King Nebuchadnezzar. Twelve months later, as the king was walking on the roof of the royal palace of Babylon, he said, “Is not this the great Babylon I have built as the royal residence, by my mighty power and for the glory of my majesty?” (Daniel 4:28-30)

    That king was stripped of all power, even though he often acknowledged God, because he believed more than anything in his OWN greatness. During that time, MANY false prophets rose among God’s people and priests who predicted the exact opposite for Israel than those things that Nebuchadnezzar would do. (See Jeremiah 27 and 28.)

    That prophecy came perfectly true; and, even though it was figurative as dreams are, it was easy to see how the symbols fit the real events. Now compare that to Dana’s Dreams about our modern-day arrogant leader. Consider how the main event — the victorious election of Donald Trump — actually played out in the last couple of months:

    Dana predicted Trump would be victorious, and Biden (or "the Democratic candidate") would lie in state in the Capitol rotunda on December 17. Instead, Biden was elected by the electoral college on December 14. He neither died physically or politically on Dec. 17. In fact, his victory was permanently confirmed this week in the Capitol building that Dana’s dream showed as badly broken. President Trump, on the other hand, officially lost the White House this week in that same Capitol and is now losing his cabinet and staff as they flee his wild autocratic grasps at retaining office while numerous articles in the press write about the president becoming unhinged and losing his mind. Some of the king’s men are even talking about forcing him out of office ahead of his appointed time under the 25th amendment, and congress has drafted articles of impeachment against him. NEVER has a president lost in such resounding defeat, contrary to Dana Coverstone’s cornerstone prediction of a Trump victory. He couldn’t have been further from the truth.

    Like those priests the prophet Jeremiah spoke against in Daniel’s time, Dana repeatedly encouraged the people of God to believe in FUTILITY and to support in prayer the presidency of a person more blatantly arrogant than we've ever seen. Trump acted like king. He displayed his supreme arrogance for decades by writing his name all over the world in huge golden letters. He boasted about his greatness multiple times every day and especially loved to brag like Nebuchadnezzar about how he was making his nation great. That was his main slogan. All like Nebuchadnezzar.

    Because Trump is seen as having incited an insurrection that debased the Capitol, the now OFFICIALLY DEPOSED president will leave in infamy and so might many of his officials — some of them Christians who gave their allegiance to this deeply arrogant and flawed human being. Many Christians were deceived into believing Trump was God’s chosen because of these prophecies and others like them. Dana’s revelations — dreams through which he claimed Jesus was speaking — attempted to authenticate this fallen man as God's certain-to-be-victorious chosen one, even though Trump was always as supremely arrogant AND UNGODLY in lifestyle and character as King Nebuchadnezzar was until the world-renowned king was deeply humbled over a period of seven years of insanity and impoverishment that ground the king into humility!

    It is no small offense against God to imagine and claim you speak for God when clearly you do not! Dana had many months to desist as his predictions proved again and again to be flawed. In spite of their repeated failures, he persisted with even greater fervor. So did those who supported his errors here on YouTube and excused them and justified them. (Deuteronomy 18:21-22)

    It is astonishing that some here claim Dana's clearly failed predictions are true in order to cover for Coverstone, given how far the fantasies Dana preached from his dreams are from the reality we have seen play out: Contrary to Dana’s predictions, October, November and December were hardly violent at all. They were, in fact, more peaceful than most months earlier this year, even though Dana predicted they would be the WORST months for violence. When violence finally did break out in January this week due to the election events of Nov-Dec, it made Dana’s dreams look like a twisted version of reality. The events of Oct.-Dec. Actually resulted in Trump’s failure and in complete repudiation of any hope of victory in recount after recount and court case after court case. The people driven to rage were Republicans! One might say, Trump lost more times than any president in history. Dana never predicted a stolen election; and, regardless of why Trumnp lost, HE LOST! In fact, because he contested his loss to the point of inciting an insurrection, he is now the biggest loser of any US president in history in that he may leave impeached twice. Meaning Dana could not have been more EXTRAORDINARILY WRONG in predicting Trump’s victory and Biden’s defeat if he had tried his best! And there is NO legal hope past Jan. 6 for Trump to be inaugurated. Even if Biden did die, Harris would be president. If they both died, Nancy Pelosi would be president!

    The only “candidate for the office of US President” who died a great political death in the capitol was the Republican candidate! Trump’s candidacy officially died in disgrace after his mob broke through the rotunda doors, right where Dana said the Democratic candidate would lie in state. Senators did mad to shake their fists at the White House, figuratively speaking, like Dana said, but NOT because they were anguished over the Democratic candidate's end, as Dana claimed. The Capitol flag flies at half mast, but not for Biden. It was lowered for the police officer who was murdered by this insurrection in a broken nation and broken Capitol. So, yes, there was violence, but in the wrong months. There was Democratic rage but NOT because their candidate lost or died. There was death, but not the death Dana predicted. There was a figurative crack in the Capitol dome, and there is a broken nation, but it happened in a twisted way that is exactly OPPOISTE of the overall future Dana’s dream predicted.

    Ask yourself who selectively uses elements of the truth to paint an entirely misleading picture? Seriously, be careful of whom you follow.

    For anyone inclined to preserve false prophecy further with the insane belief that God will pull a hail-Mary pass of a miracle before the inauguration to stop Biden from being the victor, let me ask if you will even be honest enough to stop that endless repetion of excuses for falsehood when that doesn’t happen. Or will you just conjure up another fake way it can happen, long past the actual inauguration of Biden? I encourage everyone to now read all of Daniel 4 about King Nebuchadnezzar and the true prophet Daniel, and think about how it compares to the present situation. Look at the false prophets among the priests of that time described in Jeremiah 27 and 28. Ponder what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar as Donald J. Trump sulks out of office as nationally disgraced and increasingly isolated AND MAD as Nebuchadnezzar.

  2. Now December 17 has gone by, too.

    “You may say to yourselves, 'How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?’ If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed." (Deuteronomy 18:21-22)

    A prophet is not a prophet because of the label he puts on himself but because of what he DOES. Dana Coverstone's most specific prediction ( ) is quite revealing about whether his messages are from God. I’ll explain that, but first carefully consider the scripture above. The Bible spells out how we can can tell if a message is from God or not in easy terms. Don’t needlessly overcomplicate it.

    Why is it important to dismiss false prophets or false messages, rather than excuse them? This passage in the Bible hints at why: They create false alarm like the boy who cried wolf. They get others worked up for nothing. Besides that, they make it less likely people will listen to true prophecy if it comes because false predictions create a pattern of falsehood among Christians entertained by them. They make Christians less credible and make them look more like a cult. They create needless worry and needless busyness about nothing. They waste prayer time on events that were never going to happen in the first place. They are “full of sound and fury signifying nothing."

    Dana Coverstone has claimed he knows the voice of Jesus and has stated he is confident he is hearing the Lord’s voice in these dreams. How big of a deal is it to make predictions in the name of the Lord? The passage above answers that question, too:

    "I myself will call to account anyone who does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name,  a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.” (Deuteronomy 18:19-20)

    Now, Coverstone’s easiest-to-test-prediction (because it is the one with a solid specific date), sees a calendar with DECEMBER 17 above the scene of a closed casket in the middle of the capital rotunda. The context is the election; thus, a sign on the side of the casket states that inside is "the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE for the office of the president.” Coverstone says, one of the sons of the “Democratic presidential candidate was there but not the other, and his wife was there, and she was looking down at the ground. Nobody was crying.” Many congressmen and senators from both parties were there, looking down at the floor, shaking their heads violently and making fists. A prominent senator stood up and demanded to see the BODY. The Sergeant of Arms and several marines rushed up and said, “There will be no viewing of the BODY today or ever again.” (My emphasis) The senator went and found a pair of shoes where everyone’s shoes we’re piled and put them on. He, then, sat and looked angry, then rushed out of the room “at a sprinter’s pace … with both fists clenched, toward the White House, cursing the White House and the leadership." Everyone else walked after him, shoes in hand.

    Then the dream moved to the place in congress where the president usually gives his State of the Union Address. A man seen in previous dreams as the one making revelations, taps the microphone three times and states in a loud voice, “A house divided against itself SHALL not stand,” then he leaves the chamber and turns out all the lights. End of dream.

    I understand that dreams are usually symbolic or figurative, not literal. So, let’s look at it both ways. The literal interpretation is obivous, and it would seem most likely because the dream twice refers to a “body” being in the casket." Either Biden or his VP, Harris, die. The dream says “office of the president,” not “Vice President,” so that would be Biden if we’re even more literal. The figurative interpretation would be that whatever is in the casket is specifically not named as a person but labelled as “the Democratic candidate.” Under a figurative interpretation, that would mean the Biden-Harris candidacy died — that the Democratic challenge to Donald Trump died on December 17.

    Clearly nothing of that kind — literal or figurative — happened on December 17th to the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE (Biden or Harris). They remain alive and well on the 18th as I write this, and NOTHING came up that even slightly impinged their CANDIDACY. On the contrary, it became more solid than ever because, after this dream was shared by Coverstone, both were voted by the electoral college to become president- and vice-president-elect. So, their candidacy became victorious against everything that could be thrown at it by Trump’s 60-plus legal challenges after the prediction was made but before Dec. 17. Yes, congress could do what it never has and go the opposite direction of the electoral college and make the loser the winner. (It came close with Rutherford B. Hayes, but didn’t go as far as choosing the looser; instead, it determined the winner in a stalemate via an agreement between both sides.) Even if something as unprecedented as choosing the opposite candidate happens, IT DID NOT HAPPEN ON DECEMBER 17! (And Mitch McConnel, as leader of the senate, has made clear he has NO intention of going that route.)

    The dreams said the challenger’s BODY would be seen no more. That isn’t true either. Biden’s body has been seen and photographed today walking around in apparently excellent health. The dream also said, at least, one member of congress ran enraged, toward the White House, shaking his fists, while others followed him. And it said everyone mourning the dead candidate/candidacy would be fist-shaking angry. Actually those who care about the “Democratic candidate” have never been happier. It’s the Republicans who are shaking their fists in rage all over the nation but not at the White House. Coverstone covered for himself by saying, “I’m not saying Joe Biden is going to die on December 17” because the sign said “Democratic CANDIDATE for president.” So, it could be that his candidacy would die. Didn’t happen!

    Biden did not die physically. He also did not die figuratively as candidate or even as president-elect. In fact, rather than having died in any way and being attended by one son and his wife Jill on the 17th, Biden spent today ( ) visiting the grave of his long-deceased daughter and first wife, who died in a car accident when he first became senator. That emphasizes he is a survivor in the flesh and as the now victorious candidate. He continues in all ways to live and soldier on toward his inauguration as president of the United States.

    You cannot claim that is because “we prayed this prediction away” (the usual excuse when prophecies prove false) because I’m pretty sure most of the people who are sympathetic to Coverstone’s predictions are Trump supporters just like Coverstone; therefore, it is not likely at all that they joined in praying Joe would remain president-elect past Dec. 17!

    But he did. The “Democratic candidate" is as alive and well, both figuratively and literally, on Dec. 18 as he was on Dec. 16.

    Be careful because … Jeremiah 27:15

  3. Gods Kingdom Army is on the move… Legions of new Angel Armies have been Activated for such a time as this… Harvest Time….

    Thank you for sharing…

    You are one of Gods Soldiers…

    Don't ever apologize for what God has given you to say.

    We need you to help us wake up and encourage those that don't realize "yet" that they are part of Gods last day Army.

    Here is part of your mission if you choose to except,  "Spread the word Soldier" help us in our mission to wake up those soldiers who are waiting to be activated.

    Joel chapter 2 describes the Lords last day Army who will be activated to help bring in the final harvest.

    Gods Army is on the move…

    Thank you again for being brave enough to share your heart.

    You are one of Gods Soldiers…

    God is raising up a mighty army, Joel chapter 2 describes this mighty Army of the Lord.

    Jesus is the Commander of his great Army.

    God is getting ready to pour out his former and latter rain of Glory onto his Army to bring in the final harvest of souls.

    Spread the word to help wake up this mighty Army.

    Each one of them have been in training for "such a time as this" since the day they were born, just as you have.

    We are spiritual beings, living in human bodies, fighting spiritual battles, while living human lives.

    Think about that real hard.

    There is a difference in knowing the path and walking in the path.

    Thank you Soldier, we are here if you need prayer or encouragement, google me.

    Carry on Soldier, keep yourself ready, for Gods Glory is coming.

    Millions of souls are about to be ready to be saved.

    Soldier up and stay on alert.

    TM… over and out…Huuraaa

    I salute you Soldier of the Cross….
    Signs in the sun, moon and stars of things coming upon the earth. Jesus prayed a prayer that we would all become one as him and the father are one. It's in the process of happening right now. We are like in the upper room waiting on what I call Pentecost part 2. Joel chapter 2 describes the Army of God having the power of God on them so strong that Joel had a hard time describing it. But then Joel told us by the spirit what it would take for us to be ready to receive this former and latter rain of Gods Glory poured out on us. He said fasting and praying. Then Joel through the spirit tells us we do it and God pours out his final Glory onto his people. Why? To bring in the final harvest of souls, this is harvest time that we are in Soldier. That's why the devil has fought us so hard in the past few years and really hard right now, look at our nation and other nations right now. This week was the biggest harvest moon I'd ever seen, the ring around it look like a ring around Saturn. And now on December 21st 2020 two planets are lining up like they did when Jesus was born. God is showing us signs all around us and in the heavens.

      Take a listen to this… …..

  4. November is over. Trump did not win. Some held out hope Trump’s law suits would be successful in bringing victory. They were not. If Trump doesn't get elected by the electoral college in mid-December, will those whose ears itch for false prophecy (2 Timothy 4:3) still cover for Coverstone with their excuses? Will they cling to the belief that something will happen, even after electoral defeat, such as Biden dying in December (also implied in one of the prophecies). Even if that happened, it would not overturn the election and give the victory to Trump because the election will go to the remaining Democrat on the team. If that fails, it be decided in the House of Representatives, which is Democrat! However, ears that itch for falsehood just because they want prophecy so much always find new excuses for why their prophet was wrong, mostly to cover their own egos for having believed in him. (Jeremiah 27:9-10)

    Let’s look at what we can clearly say now did or did not happen in October and November:

    Democrats’ heads did not blow up like firecrackers in October, as Coverstone predicted, or even November. I realize the exploded heads were figurative for exploding with rage, but Democrats are quite happy about the victory they celebrated. Even Republicans have not blown up into violent protests as the dream described. They are contesting the election results, but without rage in the streets. Coverstone, however, described rage building to “absolutely out-of-your-mind primal screams” with everyone blowing up at the same time.

    Coverstone described the October and November scenario as one where protestors would become so violent they would begin to assault the less violent ones for not being violent enough! These were left like dead. They would even assault Christians in nursing homes. Nothing remotely like that occurred. There have, in fact, been almost no riots, especially in November, where the relative claim in the streets is surprising since the election results upset so many people while efforts to overturn the election also upset people. Nothing can change the fact that Coverstone’s extremely violent picture of November never happened now that the month is over with almost no violence in the streets compared to all the past months of the Coronacrisis. The streets in November were calmer than almost all the earlier months of this year.

    NO Chinese troops or Russian troops came to occupy US streets in November. That was a wild long shot that seemed highly unlikely and never happened. Too late now.

    The US dollar did not collapse in October. Those with itchy ears have tried to say the collapse began and we just haven’t seen it play out yet. Well, it didn’t play out in November either. I’m sure some will note the dollar hitting its lowest value in two years right at the end of the month, as the slide finally beginning, but more than 95% of that decline happened BEFORE Coverstone’s prophecy. It happened during the Covidcrash last spring and during the summer. False prophets always seem to do best when looking backward. October and November were muted in terms of the dollar. On a longterm historic level, the dollar continues to rest exactly at its average over the past 35 years. It will crash someday, but it certainly did not in October when the prophet said it would and not in November either.

    Prosperity-doctrine false prophets did not have their tongues figuratively cut off (were not silenced), and they did not lose all their money as predicted for October. In fact, silly Kenneth Copeland loudly laughed his nutty head off in November over the claim that Biden won the election because what Copeland predicted didn’t happen; yet he remains as rich and as listened to as ever, even though the election has not been overturned as Copeland was leading his gullible followers to believe would happen. The only one appearing exposed as Coverstone predicted, whose failure is being covered by others, is Coverstone.

    Those with itching ears cover for Coverstone by saying, "He told us he does not consider himself a prophet.” That doesn’t matter. The Bible talks about those who predict things and say they are from God. They are regarded as prophets by their actions whether they call themselves “prophets” or not. “Prophet’ is just a label for those who “profess" words they claim are from God. Coverstone more than once claimed he knows the voice of Jesus and knows the words in his dreams were spoken by Jesus. Many make endless excuses for people who profess future events in God’s name even when they do not come true, but consider how seriously God regards those who predict things in his name that do not come true: Deuteronomy 18:20-22 and Jeremiah 27:15. The Bible also describes people who claim their DREAMS are from God and that they predict future events: Jeremiah 23: 25-40.

    The wise will get out and save themselves from all this nonsense and drama. God be with them. The rest have abandoned the true God in favor of falsehood. My prayer: Lord, may many have the sense to turn from all this falsehood and all false prophets and return to TRUTH — just basic TRUTH — by rejecting lies and calling them what they are so they can become free of their spiritual entanglement. Be free. That's my prayer. In Jesus name, Be Free from the lies, free from the false hopes, free from the fears, free to have true faith in a true God who never predicts half truths or things that are almost accurate or things that confuse or, especially, things that just clearly do not happen. Amen. If you hear this prayer and accept it, it is for you. Be blessed and be free from all falsehood!

  5. So you support MASSOD ? How gross I guess you support rise and be it your first thought TO. KILL!!! I guess you support that,”ISRAEL CAN DO. NO WRONG”. And there for your in favor of their pedifile Network across our planet your in favor of ISRAEL FIRST NOT YOUR COUNTRY. U S A ! So you are a dreamer go for it but you and the crap you peddle for the evil crime syndicate Israel, has no power or dominion over those who seek the truth I say this in the name of Jesus JESUS who strengthens us. NOT no superstition like: O bless Isreal snd you will be blessed, and curse them and you will be cursed, TA hell with that.!

  6. Here is the Upside. Elohim is a faithful Father. He warns us, so we can pray and/or make the necessary adjustments. Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice n they follow me. He also said Judge not lest you be judged. The only person you should judge is self, it's important to judge ourselves before God shows up on the scene for He will first judge the Church. If we are living a life of daily: repentance n forgiveness, in the Word of God seeking revelation, in Quiettime before the Father, Praying without ceasing, spending time with Holy Spirit and have heard from God strategies to prepare n establish your Kingdom destiny. Then you are in the best of times and waiting on God to release you into the harvest to bring glory to Himself. If not, then we may have reason to fear. Don't be fooled…FEAR IS A SPIRIT. If we are a people of FAITH there is a problem if we are in fear. Look throughout the Bible Yahweh-God sent Ezekiel, Moses, Aaron, Noah, Jeremiah to warn the people n the same people rose up against them even costing Moses His future in the Promise Land. This resulted in the loss of many lives, n Israel to go into war n exile, many times.
    Please search your heart before the Father so we dont create the same heart of those in Biblical times. Partial obedience is disobedience.
    Additionally, COVID-19 is actually something that could help us not to go to hell in a handbasket as believers, because chaos n death should wake us up. I pray you wont let the warning dreams or the state of chaos fall on deaf ears or let the spirit of fear blind your eyes. but take them to Elohim the Creator, repent-when necessary n draw closer to Him in Jesus name.
    Much love.


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