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Dana Coverstone Prophetic dreams confirmed partially by Israeli News Live Broad?? That is the way I heard it. Please watch the video and leave your take on it.

Dana’s video:

Israeli News Live video:



  1. Plz go watch Mike444 channel.

    Also, READ THE FIRST COMMENT on Skywatch Media News channel posted on Aug 6th.
    Also find bizarre article written by Epstain's lawyer.
    The title is… Who takes control if there is no presidential election this year?

    Trump is in the llluminati card (Charismatic Leader card) and the Simpsons( in the coffin).
    Why ppl ignore those signs he is also a chess-piece of the llluminati. llllumi uses both left/ right politicians for a period of time.
    We should only have hope in Jesus Christ, no politicians.

  2. I have had the most amazing dreams all my life . I have seen the very young blessed MOTHER MARY help deliver JOHN THE BAPTIST. I saw everything in my dream. The blessed Mother was wearing a red dress and her sash her rope was a woven rope. I saw the beautiful Mother Mary held John the Baptist in her beautiful young hands and as she held this baby in my dreams at this point was in very slow motion she swaddled John with a cloth diaper as she swaddled him in very slow motion Mary cried a tear from her beautiful white perfect cheek. The TEAR fell onto baby Johns chest. I saw her deliver the baby and hand the baby over to ELIZABETH. I have been so blessed by a GOD. I have seen so much in all my dreams. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I know GOD HAS BLESSED ME

  3. Yes im sure many of us who are watchers can see all this coming together. Its amazing…!!! The secular world and the prophetic world are starting to line up amazingly!!!
    Research the shutdown of the sunspot observatory in 2019 and the current shutdown of all non government affiliated observatories

  4. Brother, after this I plan to watch pastor Dana's videos again. I had a dream where i saw vultures as far as the eye could see, and they were standing in blood and on bodies. I could literally smell the blood and decaying flesh. I told a friend the dream and she said that Pastor Dana mentioned vultures in one of his dreams.

  5. Just like God to pick someone like David that people don’t expect. He’s not polished like people want. He’s an intercessor. Half the church is asleep. Half don’t have their lamps full. People don’t know how to do spiritual warfare. I believe we will know the season, not the day. It’s not the devil’s style to expose his plans and get the church to pray. As far as Dana saying to prepare and get guns, Just look at some of the major cities right now. Chaos.

    Even without all his dreams. Look up reset 2021, ID 2020, gavi vaccine merged with mastercard and trust stamp and they are using it in countries like Africa, look up UN upset with trump over handling of Portland, look up places are refusing to take cash everywhere, fall of the dollar, inflation, revolution at election, etc
    A lot of people having dreams on youtube.

  6. Hi Brother Alain from ministry revealed.com has just give dates for Israel to be attacked by a Asad Syria will nuke Israel between the 28th to the 31st of July he has just put a video out explaining what’s happening please go and watch it if you can my brothers and sisters in Christ it starts the end of this world God bless you all🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️✝️✝️🕊🕊🙌🙌

  7. Israeli News Live Steve BenDaGoon is an agent and fake news doomtard being handled to present false fake news to the american luke-warm heathen …. why dont you seek gods info on this heathen before making confirmation videos for god sake

  8. Think the rapture is very very soon..as the visions sounds like lots of luke warm christians will be left behind and luke warm pastors. May Jesus protect them in the Tribulation. It will be so hard. Lord protect us all.Amen. Maranatha

  9. Hello Eugene, I just found your channel and I notice you have been asking your subscribers to watch several Dana Coverstone videos. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to do me a favor and watch this video from Pastor Sandy Armstrong of Soldiers For Christ Community Church: https://youtu.be/_SYFZq6bjz4. I really hope you enjoy Pastor Sandy’s teaching and it may help to settle some issues regarding the soon rapture of the church. I do like your channel, you and your subscribers deserve to receive sound biblical truths when you refer them to watch other’s videos. I look forward to more of your videos Eugene. Keep looking up, our redemption draws nigh! God bless you dear one. Maranatha!💛💛💛👑🕊

  10. Are you OK Mr. man who’s doing this video you look like you’ve been crying have you been crying I know I have praying crying flipping out the worst thing is there’s so much lying and they don’t know I thought for hours today on my heavenly father our heavenly father how many people don’t know him all I can say is wow they’re going to know now they’re going to know him they’re going to know him he said he’s going to do it for his glory whatever he’s gonna do,,
    Promised I think he promised himself he’s not gonna do it for anybody sick but his name sake that should be a day right


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