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Dana Coverstone Sermons Today || A bad omen for Biden | Prophetic Dream | May 27, 2022



  1. As usual another complete inaccurate and unfulfilled crock of utter BS. How is it not obvious to EVERYONE that all your dreams now are right out of your own imagination and flesh. I'm sick and tired of you, a supposed self-professing "patriot,' constantly feeding the false narrative of 'sleepy Joe,' 'demented Joe,' that God hates him and is manifesting all sorts of judgments on him and America, which have never come to pass: his death, assassination attempts, all sorts of turmoil in the White House etc etc etc etc etc. Not one of these things has happened yet you continue to perpetuate this BS. The only thing you got right in this dream speaks to your own delusion: THE RIGHT WING IS COMING APART." HELLO?????? That is absolutely true: the right wing of this country has completely lost its mind and is insane. The Bible says GOD places ALL leaders in their places and that Christians are COMMANDED to submit to and obey them as God Himself. So come on Pastor, man of God, American patriot, let's hear you line up with scripture for once and obey instead of stoking division and delusion. Shameful.


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