Human beings want adventure, chaos, and uncertainty. Utopia is anti-human. From my 8th Bible Lecture.

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  1. Shouldn't the human race be able to express them selves in any way that they choose without having to fear where is my food and my water and do I have enough money to give to the people born better than me so I can at least survive we are the most adabtable and advanced species on this planet we should not have to fear for our survival we should be able to live anyway we choose so fuck you we are better than animals we can make a perfect Utopia where we can be whom ever we want to be and not live in fear or desperation

  2. Thank you for demonstrating the fortitude required if one is to withstand the social pressures propagated by academia towards conformity. Yet not without internal conflict and struggle remained true to you intuition. Jordan you in fact are become legendary! A conjuror whose breath has returned life to the mythos of generations towards another generations insightful self awareness and prosperity.

  3. Everything he says here almost directly contradicts his usual ultimatums that humans really want order and certainty. I feel like he flip flops on whether fear of chaos or love of chaos drives us depending on whatever makes a better case, i.e when talking about the evils of anarchy or explaining why people become authoritarian it's because "humans have a strong inclination for order and certainty", but when he talks about the evils of authoritarian systems and why people revolt it's because "humans have a strong desire for adventure and uncertainty". Why he makes these contradictory ultimatums in leu of simply saying "humans are driven by irrational contradictory impulse" like every other philosopher is beyond me. Maybe it's because if he admitted it he would have to stop talking about evil dragons, put down the novels, and start doing real evolutionary psychology

  4. Maybe we have a massive national security threat and western society threat by people trying to create a socialist West or Utopian society and maybe our own governments are hitting each other “behind the scenes”. I have moments where I think we should be in a greater panic and I have more moments that I think the West is so militarily powerful that it is locking down some threats that get to be locked down and ultimately we are not in that deep of societal turmoil. It’s hard to tell a lot of the time. But day to day everyone is going to work with a lot of dramatic social and media chatter about the dooming future or present moment. Maybe we are more solid and powerful than the stuff constantly bombarding people to be in states of fear about.

  5. What no one talks about is how Utopists might actually be operating today to manifest the Utopian or Apocalyptic Vision. So what Dr. Peterson is talking about right now can sound very abstract at times. Are socialists actually this big a threat to American and Western order? Who are these people, where are they and what are they doing that is this threatening today? Maybe the fear of the Utopia people is not a concrete threat and maybe there is an existential threat that becomes atrocious through these people’s actions. Or maybe it’s a con, a flimsy threat or even a CON Operation by our own military/Pentagon. It is hard to tell what is real and what is fake these days.

  6. Is it the destiny, or the journey that matters. I believe, that deep down, it is actually real struggle and overcoming adversity that is which humans crave, and thrive on. How else can one achieve a real sense of accomplishment. Makes sense, in the natural world animals need to survive, not necessarily be comfortable. If they had a concept of comfort, their lives would almost be unbearable. No reason humans are any different.

  7. I'm deeply suspicious of anyone who thinks they have a workable plan for a society based on theory.

    No one can reliably plan out a system as complex as a society on paper.

    I'm even more suspicious if their ideas haven't worked in practice so far.

    And ultimately suspicious if their plan requires first completely dismantling the society that we have.

  8. I always thought heaven sounded pretty damn dull. Like Mark Twain said (very paraphrased), If you don't like church, what makes you think your going to enjoy an eternity praising Jehovah?

  9. Peterson is becoming more and more like a kindergarten teacher. I find his last points so trivial. And, in this particular video, I agree with him but not for the same reason. Dostoyevsky does not have any authority as a political philosopher (Hobbes, Locke, etc), he was just a lunatic writer. Surely Dostoyevsky was a great 19th century artist, but remember, art and politics are different fields.

  10. Funny thing is 99.99% of the people who have socialist utiopan visions do not understand the origin of the word utiopa . It's ancient Greek for no where . Even they knew it was unobtainable.

  11. please could someone help me with this, I've not quite got my head around it yet

    JP says, (well, at least this is my small understanding of what I think he says) that the turning away from religion lead to the polarisation of politics and ultimately the genocides of the 20th Century. And I've always thought that the wars were just far worse because of globalism and 'better' technology. He even says that at the very end of the clip, but its hard for me to wrap my head around where the balance of blame lies. Was it that bad for the philosophical reasons that JP describes or more the technology and globalism? Obviously a mixture of both, but…whats the balance?

    sorry for my poorly worded question, it's still early morning for me

  12. This reminded me of the scene from The Matrix where Agent Smith was describing the earlier versions of the Matrix where there was no human suffering at all and all desires were met – it was a utopian world but the human mind kept rejecting this artificial construct.

  13. who says a utopia has to be static? Id say thats not a utopia at all. a real one could withstand time indefinitely, or it was never a utopia at all. Then again, good chance thats not even possible.

  14. I'm sad that you guys killed off my desire to keep meming your videos for this lousy channel. You should have stayed focused on what you were doing and I would have continued to get a few million views from Facebook (not monetized) on your clips every now and then.

  15. I think that virtual reality can be a way for humans to experience that chaos and uncertainty, and automation is also the second factor that makes utopia possible. It wasnt possible in the past, but now its either utopia or dystopia.

  16. .
    The eating of the apple of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was the reason for our being 'cast out' of the original utopia of the Garden of Eden. Maybe we were not cast out, per se, but we fled due to the mind numbingly boring certainty that came from Gods original Grace for Adam and Eve – the Grace that we can no longer handle.

    I think the closest we get to understanding that desire of that original flight is during a mundane task we have had to do for years uncounted – a task that happens infrequent enough and chaotic enough (Shoveling Snow for example) that the shelter of ritual and routine cannot be utilized.
    (On Uncertainty – heh)

  17. There are 3 broadcast worlds the human creature engages and 3 unique ways our human faculties deal with them:
    1) physical world which presents itself physically and harmoniously but what is less obvious is the logic. For this we create the field of science and the language of mathematics which gives us a 3 dimensional understanding of this world.
    2)The internal I world associated with the physical brain and our logical faculties while continually trying to bolster our emotional faculties by harmonizing with the other 2 worlds.
    3) The cultural world which we engage logically and harmoniously while trying to physically alter with the purpose of steering humanity towards the good. We do this with language, activities and social constructs.
    The problem is that utopia/perfection is unachievable which was expressed by Kant's conflict of faculties. So we're left with circular causality with no absolute truths just lying elites making sure the system works to their favor.


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