Thanks for watching DAVID and Goliath (Bible Song With Lyrics) #OfficialMV | Shawna Edwards | Christian Music 2022

Teach your children the story of David and Goliath through song. This is Old Testament Song #10.

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Video Credits: Music & lyrics written by Shawna Edwards and Linda Urquhart. Illustrated by Darryl Quinn @thesundaysketchbook

Singers: Jane Lemon, Alivia Lemon, Sadie Hull, Sydney Adamson, Andee Rentschler, Cambria Hasler, Brinley Hasler, Jenna Brady, Ainsley Brady and Hallie Norton

Arranged by: Daniel Blomberg
Piano: Daniel Blomberg
Mixed and mastered at Noisebox Studios

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  1. Thank you for your music Ms Shawna… I was able to use "My Own Superhero" for my class song this coming graduation ceremony on May 19..My co-teachers appreciated the song so much.. I was nit able to use minus one because I cannot find one but its ok.. Much love from Bukidnon, Philippines.

  2. I'm wondering if there's a specific reason you use the word "Oh" in so many songs. I really like your songs a lot, but it seems like sometimes that word is used as an unnecessary filler in many songs, or is it something that kids like to say/sing? Honestly, the only reason I notice things like this is that my standard is so high because you've written so many songs that are so well done and so inspiring.

  3. I love how the song is beautifully organised and included such a meaningful bible story. Let us learn to be on God’s side. 🙏🏻💕💗


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