Dr. David Jeremiah, the founder and host of Turning Point speaks with Dr. John Hull and explains that the Christian’s victory in Christ is an absolute certainty and is the overarching truth in the Book of Revelation..

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  1. "The Christian’s victory in Christ is an absolute certainty." Dr. DavidJeremiah

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  2. When people say we are not of this earth is nonsense. God put us here and God created this earth. To dismiss that is nonsense . We are here for a purpose. Evil has corrupted but does not mean we are not of this earth. To me that is dismissing God

  3. When people say we are not of this earth is nonsense. God put us here and God created this earth. To dismiss that is nonsense . We are here for a purpose. Evil has corrupted but does not mean we are not of this earth. To me that is dismissing God

  4. The Earth is in labor

    I was sitting in church today listening to this pastor that is in his 30s.

    He talked about glorifying and how all of usat one point or another in our lives never glorify God and how you glorify God is you push everyone in back of you because it's supposed to be God first you and then family and anything else we are glorifying what the devil wants us to glorify which could be emotions it definitely has to do with everything the world has to offer but does not offer hope in Jesusthe most important thing the world is supposed to be doing especially the church

  5. How can all these suckers get suck into the crapture, if they would just understand it's a teenagers dream and the rest was added to fir the narrative. There's going to be a lot of smart people in hell…..

  6. At about the 6:44 mark you say that nothing else has to happen before Christ returns to this earth, but the Bible clearly states that during the final tribulation a temple has to be standing in Jerusalem for the abomination of desolation to take place. Please explain your position.

  7. Preterism…folks.. the only revelation that has not happened yet is the second Coming.. Revelations happened 2000 years ago as it was wrote for that time.. Don't buy books that are from men's imaginations…. Oh boy he just said Rapture… i'm out of here.

  8. There's a difference between the Christians of the West and the Christians of the East (Orthodox). One of the Christian people remain faithful to their religion while the other world of Christianity is where a man can marry a man. You do the math. The followers of Jesus will be raised to a high position and using the Quran as the book of guidance, it will be the Orthodox Christians that will have the power until end of time. The Christians of the East and the Muslims will be allies after the return of Jesus. Both Muslims and true followers of Jesus await his return. Jesus will come and slay the great Pretender that will rise from Jerusalem claiming to be the messiah. Those Christians that support Israel need to put their thinking caps on and ponder. Israel is your enemy.

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