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Fr. Mike reveals yet another prophetic message that points towards the coming of Christ, explaining why the Book of Isaiah is often called the Book of Woe and the Book of Consolation. He also touches on the powerful prayer we hear as we end our journey with Tobit. Today’s readings are Isaiah 11-13, Tobit 13-14, and Proverbs 10:13-16.

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  1. in Isaiah 11:2 we see the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    2 The spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him
    a spirit of "wisdom" and of "understanding",
    A spirit of "counsel" and of "strength",
    a spirit of "knowledge" and of "fear of the LORD",
    The only Gift not mentioned is "piety"

  2. What a great reminder that God does hear our prayers and will continue to hear them no matter where we are. He is also a merciful God and, in his time, our prayers will be answered. I must also remember to always give thanks for answered and unanswered prayers. Thank you Lord for all you do for me.

  3. “By the mercy, grace of God …to be strengthen and comforted To PRAISE under any situation …

    “Preserve my life, for I am devoted; save your servant who trusts in you. You are my God;”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭86:2‬ ‭

  4. Two things that lifted me today, I live opposite a park and as I was walking through it today I struck up a conversation with an elderly Asian lady, she walks most days out there with her friends, but today she was on her own, she said "oh well no friends today and my children all left home, but I still can talk to God everyday" so pleased that she felt she could say that to me. Amen sister! Also along quite a stretch of pavement someone had written uplifting messages in chalk Smile God loves you, be happy, peace,, and pictures of hearts, that sort of thing. I guess it taught me that we can all do our bit, however insignificant it may seem, or random. Keep the faith alive.

  5. Thank you Father Mike for helping us have a deeper understanding of the Bible. I am praying for all participants!
    Please join me in praying for Souks in Purgatory.
    Consider also listening to the Marian Press Podcast of Saint Faustina’s Diary in a Year with Father Roesch. Each day ‘s reading is only 7 minutes long. It is also on YouTube.

    I am praying for you, please pray for me.

    July 11, 2022

  6. Praise God! Am learning so much in this Bible in a year. So many aspects of the bible I did not understand are now so crystal clear to me. May God bless this community, pour the Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds so we can understand him better and LIVE the Bible. Fr. MIKE BR. JEFF THANK YOU.

  7. Non Catholic here. I picked up your Bible in a year to run in tandem with my Bible Recap protestant study. This is my first time through all of it, but first time ever hearing the deuterocanonical texts. Thank you for putting this together. Resources are scarce in my circle.

  8. Thank You Father Mike for sharing the Bible with all of us. It is a true blessing to be able tot understand the word of our Lord. It helps us to grow closer to our God. Praying for Father Mike and anyone else who is in need of prayers

  9. It is good to remember the miracles that are the prophecies of the Bible. I once heard that for one man to fill even a portion was a virtual impossibility in statistics. These are words placed generations before Jesus came to save us.

  10. The Protestants essentially tore everything out of the old testament that they didn't like when they broke from the Catholic Church. The teaching of Purgatory is supposed to be in Tobias; that is why they tore Tobias out, but where is it in Tobias?

  11. I am so thankful for this Bible in a year group. I started listening with your podcast. At first I thought it would just be a good thing to actually read the whole Bible-but now I just love it. I'm getting lifelong questions answered. Thank you. Also, been listening to your YouTube talks to students. They are fantastic, wish I had someone speak to me like that when I was a kid. Everything in it's own season, I guess. God bless.


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