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In today’s readings of Genesis 3-4 and Psalm 104, Fr. Mike draws the connection between love and sacrifice in the story of Adam and Eve and explains the story of Cain and Abel.

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  1. Thank God for the readings presented this way. They make so much more sense and ideass that are even deeper present themself.
    I could never comprehend how Jesus' giving Himself to be sacrificed could make reparation for the original sin that we learned of today. But anyone that has worked with pottery knows that pieces have to dry together in order to maintain the complimentary shapes. When Adam & Eve fell, they were no longer walking in the Garden with God. The souls of mankind no longer had the perfect fit complimenting our Father's. Jesus' death provides the (spiritual) padding, restoring the perfect fit God had made. Like the rubber ring used in jars of food, keeping it preserved, Jesus restores what was lost that day when our ancestors fell.

  2. I do not have enough hours to thank you for putting this together! I bought a bible and my goal was to start reading, studying, learning the bible. And I did start…the first few pages you can follow the story but honestly, as you get into it you begin to need help. It's hard to follow, trying to figure out the language etc. becomes a real task and you lose interest. This way is GREAT!!!! You read the chapters, followed by the psalm and finally the explanation! I'm so happy… I will actually be able to follow and understand and the Holy Bible finally!!!
    Again, thank you and may God bless you today and always! 😊

  3. Father Mike, I have to tell you, the priest from our church is leaving, this weekend will be his last mass. I was brought back to church because I felt a connection to his sermons, I felt like he was talking directly to me. I stumbled across your videos, and I feel that same connection listening to you. I was so sad because of losing such an amazing priest, parts of me didn't want to go back to church because I've never had a connection like I did with this current priest, until I found your videos. I feel like God lead me to your videos and I am thankful.

  4. There are so many questions that nobody has answered regarding the Scriptures. Where did all the people come from? Sons of Adam and Eve found wives from Somewhere. It also looks like there were towns already established when Cain was sent away to Nod. He was afraid of being killed by other people who came from Somewhere…. I never received any religious training in my youth and spent my teen years looking for a church or a teaching that could help me to know God…..no luck. In my 70's< I'm finally beginning to learn how to create a solid relationship with God in faith. I think this Bible study course will help. Thank You!

  5. Thank you for this Bible in a year, and Fr. Mike, I have this question for a long time now and maybe you can help me understand. My question is this; if Cain and Abel were the first sons, and Abel died, who did Cain married to? Thank you so much for all the work that you do.

  6. Thank you for the offering of these videos. They must have taken an immense amount of work to produce. I have tried Bible in the year reading plans before but never got very far. This Just makes it so much easier to focus. I also really like your commentary as it makes it much more alive to me.

  7. Thank you Father Mike. Reading bible and listening to you and your reflections gives me a deeper understanding of the scriptures. This becomes my vow this Holy Week, to finish this daily bible reading and share it with people I know.

  8. You have opened up a new chapter in my life . This is something that I have never attempted to do. Thank you for taking my hand and walking with me on this journey to be closer to the God who loves us so much and just wants us to love Him.

  9. I appreciate the reading and explanation, but i can't help but wondering, why have the tree there in the first place? Was there a future purpose for it? Wouldn't it have been easier to not have it, therefore temptation not existing, and then this would not play out? These answers are above me, for sure, but I can't help but question it.


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