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Day 26 Livestreaming – Chat – Bible/Jesus Q&A – Cartoon #038 (ENG/JP)


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Plans for today’s livestream:
1) Discussion/chat – Harry’s house and stuff
2) Bible/Jesus Q&A
3) Classic Cartoon and Quote of the day.
4) Games (If time)

I’m rewarding my viewers by streaming with:
Go to that website and you can earn a little while you view, just by typing in the codes that randomly appear on my stream.

Feel free to ask me about it if you are curious.

★★ Rules of chat ★★

My ideal chat is working together to make great memes, laughs, and have fun. So here are my basic thoughts on chat rules:

1 Criticism or an occasional negative comment is fine if you also give an idea on how to improve what you are criticizing, or provide a solid reason for your scary scary hurtful frightening words.

2 Let’s generally try to keep chat subjects away from politics. My only firm political stance is that I hate political correctness with a passion.

3 I will attempt to answer any question you have for me, but I have the right to ignore or change topics at any time.

4 Don’t be a real jerk!

4a Occasionally being a fake jerk is fine as long as you aren’t going 100% troll with personal attacks/threats and are really just trying to make everyone laugh.

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Thanks for watching!

★★ References ★★
BK Johnsen is a “proud” customer of on his videos and streams. The majority of the background music played on streams are taken from




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