I honestly don’t know if Kent Hovind will ever manage to listen to this, but even if not, I have tried to speak from the heart in such a way that it might be of some benefit to any others who find themselves in a similar stance towards the Flat Earth issue…

Source video for Hovind’s question, and the “FE challenge accepted” – Celebrate Truth – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HamUXYwlso

Source videos addressing the issue of “disappearing hulls” as an alleged proof of the Earth’s curvature:

From Flat Earth Addict – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkuzlaLyTXM

From Zeteticisim dotcom – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYfB0B16VQA

And source footage touching upon TONS of evidence for Flat Earth:
From carolannej2 – “Flat Earth and Apollo’s Key” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUwiBf91gek

Many, many thanks to all of the researchers who have put countless hours into making these fantastic videos. Myself and so many others are greatly in your debt.



  1. Everyone is the Truther community has gained insight from Dr Hovinds work and most everyone I see respects and appreciates this man who suffered at the hands of an abhorrent corrupt legal system. That being said Dr Hovind dismantles the laughable theory of evolution with no problem but will not concede with recognizing flat earth however my problem with this is that the evolution theory is based on Big Bang cosmology and the spinning floating ball earth.
    Without the Big Bang and expanding universe and ball planets the rest of evolution doesn’t work so how does he disbelieve in evolution theory while supporting the ball earth expanding universe which is part and parcel of the same theory has anyone posed this question to him

  2. I was an atheist no I was a god hating atheist who bought all dogmas of science hook line and sinker. I can attest that flat Earth turned me to Christ and the truth. I am no longer a man who believes other men, now I am a man of God who knows the truth when it is presented to me. The flat earth showed me what preachers and teacher say is not the word of Him. It showed me that reality is not mathmatical, but math is only a descriptive language.

  3. I find myself always thanking Yah for people like you! Thank you so mich! Dr Hovind has played such an integral part in my quest for truth and when I first heard his and Michael Rood's response towards those of the true biblical cosmology cosmology I was greatly disappointed. We must all pray that God heal and deliver Dr. Hovind that he may see. What a wonderful witness that would be for the Lord!

  4. It is because of Dr. Kent Hovind that I was able to eyes to see and ears to hear when it came to biblical cosmology thank you for gently talking to him in this video many in the community just return the ridicule and slander and it won't get us anywhere. Bless those that curse you

  5. John 3:36 'whosoever believes on the son has everlasting life.' Jesus Christ the Messiah died for the remission of sin, was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later. Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life in heaven.

  6. you perception is "stranger than fiction". i saw the ship sinking down over the horizon with out getting narrower. CURVATURE!! HELLO!! oh wait the earth is flat but the ocean is curved,,
    that's it,, the ocean is curved,, but only slightly right?

  7. Wow, just wow – that was a masterpiece. I feel Dr. Hovind is, indeed, a prime example of indoctrination of the deepest kind. The man is clearly clued up about a lot of things, but he is clearly blinded by science when we consider where it is we live. It is so so obvious, especially for those that believe in the good Lord, that we live in an enclosed system. Creation would not consist of a near-infinite, ever-expanding Universe complete with aliens and a lot of wasted space and mass. All the answers are in scripture, but Mr. Hovind obviously reads scripture with a modern mindset; his scientific smokescreen hides the true meaning of the Good Book. He needs to open his mind and use an antediluvian filter when he reads the texts, maybe use a viewpoint similar to a 2nd Century BC Hebrew or a 1st Century Jew.
    I watched this video the other day that I thought was interesting, and it's a simple test that anyone can do to prove that we are being lied to: the Tycho crater on the moon is 53 miles in diameter yet we can see it clearly on the moon that on average is supposedly 239.000 miles away. How is this possible? If we draw a 53 mile diameter area on google earth and zoom out to the apps limit (39,000 miles) we see this area as nothing more than a speck, and that's approx. 7 times closer than the distance to the moon – we still have another 200,000 miles to go. When we look up at the moon this crater is clearly observable as a circle, you can even see the shadows around the edges with the naked eye. Do this test yourself on google earth; the moon is local if this crater is, indeed, 53 miles across.
    It's funny what people believe without ever seeing or experiencing things with their own five senses; they regard everything they are taught as fact. The indoctrination is ingrained within the populace; it seems, like a large slice of the population, that Dr. Hovind is still only part awake.

  8. Pride gets in the way of truth. For we know best right? We have the best learning and cannot be deceived. God the maker of eyes will open them according to His will, may it happen quickly. Thanks for another great video

  9. Wow! You are so well spoken! This was excellent! I have been on a "the Truth is greater than fiction -Fest" for over a week, just trying to watch all of your videos….old ones, new ones…..and man alive, you are really talented! I know I keep repeating it, but I can't help it! It's crazy! Anyway, don't stop, because you're really doing a wonderful thing for all of us! Take care and God Bless!

  10. Mr. Hovind If you truly do believe you are seeing ships sail over some existing curve in less than ten miles, certainly you must understand your curve would be just as visible on the horizon line given the same ten miles of viewable horizon. Don't let pride get in your way Mr.Hovind it was satans downfall

  11. For some reason, this Kent Hovind never made a good impression on me. Just didn't understand why people looked up to him in the first place. His arguments for creationism was petty and dogmatic IMO. Instead of advocating spiritual discernment in dividing the Word of God he pushed a principle of taking the bible literally. Truth is revealed by the Holy Spirit. Taking the bible literally doesn't need the Spirit's leading. Now Hovind's true colors show…

  12. Everything I have seen from you is just so poetic and beautiful as it is truthful. God Bless You and know you are doing a marvelous job reflecting the light of Jesus. You inspire me.


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