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  1. Love Dee-1 and wish Carson was pres but I agree with the lady if you want to end segregation stop segregating yourselves.. Black Entertainment Television is racist if there was a WET people would be in arms. I however think that there's nothing wrong with having a Black History Month

  2. I hope minds have changed since then. You both realize that you're condoning a channel that validates the black stereotype right? See you're whole movement is to do the opposite of what's being done and that's what BET shows! The popular shows on BET are about a Black woman that sleeps w/ a bunch of men, a Black woman who is a White man's mistress, and a Black man who cheated on his wife, divorced her, and is being promiscuous all over town. If this is Black culture, call me Dominican. BET is full of contradictions and is willing to make fun of the people it's supposed to stand for for money. You're supposed to stand for God, BET is everything but Godly unfortunately. Focus Dee.

  3. Stacey Dash is not the only one that thinks this , yet she is one of the only ones to have the courage to say this . She said what she meant , and she meant what she said . Its like that , and that is the way it is . She is not a clone , and she can clearly think and speak for herself .

  4. I totally disagree with Stacey dash, due to the untold history of different ethnicities, learn and reflect the truth about the history of different ethnicities, I truly enjoy learning about the history of different cultures

  5. I disagree with most of Ben Carson's political ideas, but he hit it right on here… It would be nice to not need black networks and award shows, but right now you do need them… and black history is vastly underrepresented.. so the spotlight for February is needed … more black history should be in the school system( not just slavery).. should learn more about the black inventors and doctors and so forth who changed history. Including more black history in the curriculum benefits us all. Another person I will add to Ben`s list is a Canadian man Anderson Abbot who was the first black Canadian to be licensed as a doctor.. he was a friend and attended the beside of Lincoln after he was shot, and his wife gave the doctor the presidents shawl he wore at his 1861.

  6. I came across your channel after you made that song about complaining about having to pay back money you borrowed. I said how can a person be this dumb? Then I see that you are a believer, and then it all made sense. Only a believer could be as ignorant as you.

  7. I understand where she's coming from, but she could've worded it better. Why should we celebrate our culture one month out of the year? There's 12 months in a year, but we only choose one month to glorify our culture. We should celebrate our culture everyday out of the year because we have to pass on our culture to our kids and grandkids and so-on.

  8. I wish… 'Black' wasn't before their title. The first 'black' this or that. I feel like we are teaching our kids that their skin color mattered in their personal success. I know our kids need to know the darkness in the past so as not to repeat it. But I just, I don't know. When I teach my kids about great accomplishments, I don't include a skin color. They don't see a picture and say "oh wow he was black". To them it is completely irrelevant. We're kind of stuck here between the past and the future as we still have racists from the previous generations, albeit it's shrinking, but we have a whole new generation that doesn't even give it a second thought. It's just a very careful dance we're doing not to introduce skin color as a thing that matters, while still covering past atrocities. So I do think it needs to be age appropriate and we need to be VERY careful with our words so as not to be exclusive; they are watching our every move.

  9. it's amazing people are supporting Stacey Dash despite the fact that her entire viewpoint is based on outright lies. Leave it to Dr. Carson to skirt the issue.

  10. i despise ben carson, however, i love the way he breakes this down. diversity and separation really isnt wrong in its self, and i was truly surprised when he stated this.

    hearing ben carson say this made me wish i had more common political views with Dr. Carson.

  11. Really Stacey? We have Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Jewish Heritage Month… Is she suggesting that we ignore history and heritage or all minorities in the name of desegregation. Are we only allowed to learn about the history they teach in schools that only talk about minorities from a European perspective?? Stacey who's side are you on anyway??


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