Dee 1 talks to B High about his new album God and Girls, his thoughts on the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, new single Ready For You and more,



  1. This dude does have MC's skillz also underrated it sucks Louisiana artists not collobrating with each other the same thing like Dallas Tx, & Omaha,NE because of all this gang-banging shit let's get to the bag…….

  2. Loved him first time I first came across one of his videos. Right off you can feel there's something special/original about his style….. and his music is uplifting. His lyrics/message and feel is real and positive. Love it!!!

  3. Dangg Dee, I know you and Fredo Bang don't rap about the same thing but y'all should do a song mane! I swear I ain't knew dude taught them boys lol that's crazy

  4. Yes, we need something that, after we done dancing, we don't feel bad about ourselves! Thanks so much Dee1! Very sweet and thoughtful for us Queens. Super positive and uplifting<3

  5. He's funny God and girls.. as long as you don't girls first then a god… I'm looking forward to see that finally somebody will speak for the woman all can been thx unname for now


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