Dee-1 – Hood Villains (Official Lyric Video)

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  1. You a legend Dee-1! This song so real and it has everything… Truth, comedy and children voices man you what's up! My favorite part at the end lol those children voices yes yes yes! πŸ˜‚ #mvp

  2. I believe most christians don't want to improve their environment because their savior is gonna do all that and they can just chill and wait, but I broke from that religion and mindset and now I want to fight the system and improve my environment. I'm not saying for christians to leave their religion but they need to use it for fuel like our ancestor Nat Turner. I love your music even though I'm not christian.

  3. Dee-1 is So Slept On. But Hard Work 100% Pays Off. Him and Lil Wayne Are 2 of My Favorite Artist. Their opposing messages is why they have to make something in the future.

  4. Love NF's music and a huge fan of lyricism. But personally as a Christian I do not see the problem with marijuana. Pharmacutical companies produce much worse healing methods. God created marijuana to be a more natural medicine. See the book of Genisis for more details on God giving us plants. Kind of the beginning of all this.


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