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Video Directed by: Colin Pierce
Song Produce by: Justen Williams

THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING: Dillard University, Avenue Scooters, the Mercedes Benz dealership in Baton Rouge, to Colin, Justen, Corey Webster, Tyler, Austin, Gio, Ryaniaha, Bruce, Greg, David, Antonio, Mia, Valley, Blake, Kearston, Jona, Queen, Edwin, Myron, Bruce, Huey, Julia, Josh, Merritt, Mike, Geremiah, and anyone else that had a hand in making this video happen.



  1. Just made my final payment! $110k paid off in 2.5 years! Can't wait to start my life, get my gf the ring she deserves, and get a house! Thank you @Dave Ramsey @Anthony O'Neal

  2. FYI @salliemae official website links to this youtube when you make a final loan pmt. HOW OBNOXIOUS of Sallie Mae, who IMO is a predatory lender who charges students upwards of 10% on loans in a >BILLION dollar student loan industry. Its pure greed and predatory lending– plain and simple.


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