Dee-1 is RCA Records recording artist who has been the most inspirational artist in the hip hop industry to date. From a middle school math teacher to hip hop rapper, Dee-1 tells Steven McCoy “I’m still teaching my classroom just got bigger.” A bigger classroom is right, Dee-1 is currently on his “3’s Up Tour”.

The tour will promote his latest digital album titled “3’s Up”. “Be Real. Be Righteous. Be Relevant.” the 3 are just 1 movement to inspire classrooms to be greater. Dee-1 is that uncommon artist that everyone dances and party to but once you sit and sing along while actually listening to his lyrics that he composed your reaction is completely astonished.

Strategically it’s a great way to send positive messages without people even knowing because they’re too busy having fun to the music but while everyone is partying while singing along it sends positive vibes to a broad audience because of the messages that projects from his music.

Dee-1 talks with us about his upbringing, the transitioning careers, the politics of the music business, and also reveals for the first time that he’s dating.

Click here to download the Dee-1’s new album “3’s UP”

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