Democrat Bob Christian presumably won the primary for the District 6 seat with a projected 55.55 percent of the vote, while Wayne White got 45.45 percent.

“From there, it’s just a march on to Washington D.C.,” Christian said at his watch party on Tuesday, May 24. “I feel great at the moment.”

Bob Christian

He will face the winner of the runoff election set for June 21 between Dr. Rich McCormick and Jake Evans in November.

Christian elaborated that he and his campaign’s plan moving forward is to focus on issues that matter to District 6 voters, as opposed to his opponents, particularly on the Republican side.

“They’re still talking about how much they can be like [President Donald] Trump,” he said, later adding, “[The voters] have a choice about somebody that actually cares about what’s happening in the 6th District and is looking for those solutions, versus somebody who wants to scream and yell and fight culture wars, not trying to focus on what you and I care about.”

White highlighted the greater-than-expected turnout in an email to Dawson County News, saying that happened despite heavier press coverage of the District 6 GOP candidates.

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