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  1. This voice completely wicked. I've been seeing people's demons come to the surface in their human bodies a lot lately. It will continue to get worse as the days pass by. Yahuah be with you brother!

  2. It could just as easily be a girl with some sound equipment and a warped sense of humor. I believe in God and in Satan, but the only place you ever hear about demon possession is in the 4 gospels and in Acts, and never again after that. There is nothing in The Old Testament about it either, so I am led to believe that it was something that only happened when Jesus was on Earth and His apostles were here. If anything, the Devil is trying to get our minds off the important issue, i.e. the need for salvation by grace, through faith in Jesus.

  3. What's wrong, Alex? No opinions of your own? All you seem to be able to do is judge other people's comments. I don't know who you think you are…but you're not.


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