Honestly… I really wouldn’t keep making these sorts of “response videos”, if every time I turned around I wasn’t hearing yet another convoluted and almost desperate-sounding argument against Flat Earth….

“Edgar Mitchell Emails to John Podesta [Pt. 2] – Secret Space Race & Intelligent Entities”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH9EQ4RLrJA

At this point I’m almost beside myself to continually hear Christian Prophecy folks (who I’m TRYING to still hold in high regard) poo poo Flat Earth as a deception or a psyop (despite the fact that all the ancient Hebrew authors of the Bible held such a view), yet they will time and again jump on every little morsel of ufo-conspiracy-disclosure-hype that is occasionally “leaked” from the Elites themselves…(!?) What gives?

Slow-release “UFO Disclosure” is clearly a piece of the broader Alien Deception itself! This SHOULD be most patently easy to discern, but yet we continue to see a swath of Prophecy Watchman try to cobble together an eschatology which simultaneously looks to both the Bible, AND the “UFO community” (which is primarily New Age in spiritual orientation, and thus ultimately still quite deceived…) for information and understanding. This simply needs to stop.


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