Honestly… I really wouldn’t keep making these sorts of “response videos”, if every time I turned around I wasn’t hearing yet another convoluted and almost desperate-sounding argument against Flat Earth….

“Edgar Mitchell Emails to John Podesta [Pt. 2] – Secret Space Race & Intelligent Entities”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH9EQ4RLrJA

At this point I’m almost beside myself to continually hear Christian Prophecy folks (who I’m TRYING to still hold in high regard) poo poo Flat Earth as a deception or a psyop (despite the fact that all the ancient Hebrew authors of the Bible held such a view), yet they will time and again jump on every little morsel of ufo-conspiracy-disclosure-hype that is occasionally “leaked” from the Elites themselves…(!?) What gives?

Slow-release “UFO Disclosure” is clearly a piece of the broader Alien Deception itself! This SHOULD be most patently easy to discern, but yet we continue to see a swath of Prophecy Watchman try to cobble together an eschatology which simultaneously looks to both the Bible, AND the “UFO community” (which is primarily New Age in spiritual orientation, and thus ultimately still quite deceived…) for information and understanding. This simply needs to stop.



  1. Im agnostic, i don't know what i believe. You don't have to believe in god to believe in flat earth. But its very obvious if you just start putting all the lies together and just use your intelligence to test what you see with your senses to come to the conclusion that this is indeed motionless, and seems to be flat. There is no evidence of curvature and the laws of water dont work on a ball and the theory of gravity is just a theory. Theres no evidence for it whatsoever. Im just waiting for the answer to how we're on a flat earth. Whether its actually religion. Or its the more realistic theory that this is all just a simulation. Just like in the movie The Truman Show, though everything seemed so real, it took him like 30 years to learn that he was living inside a false reality but one day he eventually found freedom to the real world. Just like The Matrix too. Just because everything seems real, doesnt mean it is real. This could all just be a simulation that we may never know is not real.

  2. Spot on Wil. I agree with you completely. Having first hand experience with these things i agree that the are atheric in their nature. Ye
    And maybe they do appear as ascended masters or helpful beings to those without Foundation and lacking discernment.
    To ServantsofTheMostHigh or WatchMen on the Wall, they hate our guts.
    I have never felt that level ofmalevolence before.
    Beyond what's capable of emanating from a three dimensional being.

  3. I agree with Rob. STOP READING ABOUT IT and go PROVE for yourself whether it’s flat or round. Easy to do. ANY BODY OF WATER more than 10 miles of surface length. Just take the tripod a level and a telescope or good telephoto lens. The horizon is flat in both directions and anyone can see at least 35 miles of horizon by simply turning your head from left to right. Perfectly flat. Now go someplace where you can look straightahead and see an object so far away that it should not be visible and yet it will be. Are use the San Francisco Bay in the Monterey Bay for my measurements. NO CURVE COULD BE FOUND IN EITHER DIRECTION.

  4. They are building bases underground aka dumbstruck. "Aliens" are not extra terrestrial but extra dimensional. There is not an outer space it is a lie. The basis of stars and planets are based off of sonoluminesence.

  5. In your perception it's flat.
    In theire perception it's a ball.
    In my perception it is perception.
    The only thing that we can manipulate is our intention. Love and hate are both energies that our will has bearing on thus creating the light we see in everything that happens around us. The past and the future is a product of your present.
    So enjoy it. Your life depends on it.

  6. I know that every "science" channel, web site, etc. Is doing everything they possibly can do ridicule and discount the "flat earth"!! Everytime I put anything on FACEBOOK or Twitter about the flat earth, I am attacked RABIDLY by numerous trolls.

  7. How do these craft of fallen angels traverse from 2nd heaven to 1st?

    The prophecy industry would lose their financial base If They jumped…flat earth is too organic…very little money in it compared to what they are selling

  8. If the gov't (elite) are communicating with aliens, I would not be surprised.
    They are Luciferian, these aliens are demons(fallen angels).
    Christians should want nothing to do with these things, man made or not.(or both)

  9. dude.. the term Flat Earth or is almost derogatory.. it is a bit condescending. if you will do your proper research you will see that the Big Bang Theory the globe Earth and the Antichrist future arrival all go hand-in-hand in Satan's big lie. educate yourself before it's too late. don't spread garbage and misinformation. preach the cross you have a platform to do so. forget about all this other garbage preach the cross.

  10. Yes. Your absolutely right. One of Nikola Tesla's book was the Bible. The FBI stole all of Tesla's ideas and projects when he died. They most likely stole Tesla's UFO blueprint. There are documentaries on the experiments he was working on. Aliens don't exist. The bible is actually scientific if you read it carefully. It explains DNA. No wonder the government wants to ban the Bible.

  11. Great Video again.
    I could never reconcile everything Flynn Wrote with my personal faith. But The Bible itself keeps on growing.

    And Flynn truly observed things from inside our own globe false worldview.

    I mean… We sure cant judge him as Will said.

    But.. Isnt it obvious that from his point of VIEW he looked upon "Their" grid..their net…their mattix…their numbers…(as opposed to Gods Numbers)…He worked from out of that very evil context we still live in (even though we turned flat) …and sort of nailed it unto the authors of lies.

    He passed on. And some three years later flat earth is in full swing.

    (Sampson took the pillars of Dagon with him when he died.)

    My personal belief is that Flynn himself would have turned flat. (Note. Just a nobodies thought)


    Lets hope our globebrothers get out of their chock,, and get their act together😀

    Get Globebusted

    And again…I Am so greatful to be able to hear your thoughts and teachings. Especially yours and Rob Skiba for free.
    It really make a great difference.

  12. Yes, I do indeed dismiss David Flynn's work.  David Flynn perpetuated a lot of the Mars/Cydonia stuff.  Steve Quayle picked up where he left off.  These guys spend a lot of time speculating/predicting what happens on Mars or in space.   What about the money?  The money given to NASA, etc. can be going anywhere!  The Pentagon lost 2 trillion and they never found it!    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who pushes these theories have limited credibility, as they are being deceived by Copernicanism.   These men interpret away all the verses that refer to flat earth – they have to!   Don't they realize that without Copernicanism, the enemy can't fake an alien savior; and in fact, the Creator becomes evident to even the most ardent non-believer!  By the way, I wrote to one of these men, and made the point about Enoch – if you believe it about Giants/watchers, then you must also believe it about flat earth.  No response except to tell me he will no longer reply to my e-mails.  I believe God is using the weak and lowly to shame the wise.   JUDE 3~!

  13. Psalms 2:2 Context

    1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. 5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

  14. Youre in a conflicting zone here. If you agree with Newton then you are in full agreement with Revelation. It speaks of the cube coming to earth and a golden age. if you disagree with the Gnostics then you will question this book called Revelation. You cannot have it both ways. Not sure were you stand, but i unsubbed you for a reason.

  15. I can't wrap my head around it, the FACT there is no measurable curve any where to found on the surface of earth is
    reason to deny the "globe". Just one fact, just one and yet people still are like "I am not sure". WTF? not sure that a ball doesn't have a flat surface? Talking about the asian who was speaking in the intro to this video.

  16. 7:47 You ever Heard about Air Battle over Basel/Switzerland in 1566 (=666) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1566_celestial_phenomenon_over_Basel
    AND 1561 (=1111) over Nuremberg/Germany https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1561_celestial_phenomenon_over_Nuremberg
    –> Looks like the same Spheres (Black and White like the Checkerboard of the Freemasons………
    14:03 The Space Shuttles looks eyactly like a Symbol (Masonic Level Triangle) of the Freemasons……..

  17. Again you are SIMPLY nailing the whole topic of Christian Sci-Fi…..David Flynn and others of his disciples that I know being in their back yard….are brilliantly gifted men with a bent….one must listen carefully to their words and then ASK YOURSELF, what is it that they are not saying?????   Futuristic Christian prophecy sells,  Christ coming today or tomorrow does not…. period.  Look at their books

  18. Thank thank you! I'm newly waking up to the flat earth, after being deceived in the new age/ occult world👌🏽. Bless you ! I am from & live in Las Vegas & know now salvation can be mine and God is truth, wanting to share this message but unsure how just yet. I never thought the truth would lead me here!


  20. the bible is written by man. science is created by man to understand the world around us using logical methods of reproducible results to confirm or deny hypothesis about the world around us. both created by man, but you only have to take one at their word. which one do you think is more honest? people are deceitful, and it's a well known fact that certain parts of the bible were excluded. I can't believe in an incomplete story written by man to be taken as the word of GOD.

  21. Everything has a purpose everything besides the Earth if you ask mainstream but the truth is if you take two thermometers place them in glasses of water only 6 inches of part put a book in front of one of them letting the Moonlight hit only one the one in the Moonlight is colder which means the Moonlight is cold it is a cold Source the sun is a hot Source salt water is conductive the firmament spins with the Stars creating friction sounds like a Magneto to me

  22. If, as you contend, that the Earth is flat or round like a pizza then how do you explain the fact, that at high noon where I am located I can phone New Zealand and it is pitch black night?

  23. its all just man made books, believe it or not. as to whats going on out there, that is man made technologies, but what better way to play it off then saying, its aliens, or demons, or fallen angels, or so forth. Sometimes the truth is stranger then fiction, and sometimes far simpler as well.

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