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  1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ????? Someone that came to this channel the 1st time what kind of message is this ???? NO DISCLAIMER HERE ???? Very Dangerous Ground Here – Obviously we that ar familiar with the scripture and your channel know what this is – but someone here for the 1st time – what are they hearing – ??????????

  2. If they manage to corrupt science and education ( indoctrination ) than everything we are told is a LIE.
    Humanity is getting less human by the day and turning into a mob with herd mentality.
    We will pay dearly for our ignorance.

  3. God is Jelous to any who dont seek him diligently. I did and wow brothers, he is blowing my mind. Oh so POWERFUL AND LOVING. EASY TO LOVE WHEN YOU GET TO KNOW HIM LIKE I DO. LOVE= KEY TO KNOWING HIM. TWO GREAT COMMANDMENTS, A MUST…….


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