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  1. NASA and fake X is all fake anyways of course they are all government agencies to deceive all the dumb people. Call it private or government the same people on both of them. 4 years ago I was dumb I'll admit but I woke up and snapped out of my programming.

  2. you really dont believe that SpaceX is just like "any private company"? They are all the same. It is the same people running everything from NASA, to Google, YT, FakeX, Fed, Facebook, Insta, banks, food productions, governments worldwide and all the big global billion/trillion companies. Those front figures, Elon Musk (Elon is a name suggesting electricity, "El" and "e.on". But those are all actors. Do Elon Skum look like an intelligent person able to run 10 big giant trillion science companies?? Hahaha!!! Yea sure!! He looks like a loser! And the same applies to EVERYTHING… Science with fake scientists who give each other Nobel prises like Hollywood give Oscars to those movies they want us to watch. The politician and the nations are all fake and a show! And even those pretty high in the system doesn't know. They are busy chasing money & playing the game. May be some few who know. If you see their face on Tv, then you know they are actors and don't shot any calls!
    Like I have named my channel, YouDontFoolMeTwice!

    This is a message to Jeran and NOT to "@UC2aFQcGgRoVuEWfx2AM0H-A" Yt Chanell and this Video.

  3. Ask Patricia steer how they did it. She works for the same people elon musk works for. Her usefulness just ran out is all.
    Oh lol sorry Will. This comment is directed toward globe busters.

  4. people in the comment section: paul bonacci was also one of the main witnesses(and also a perpetrator because he was under trauma based mind control) in the franklin credit union scandal case which if you have not researched you really need to! it is the worst thing ever but all this evil satanic ritual abuse crap/govt involvement at the highest level/corruption, human &child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, mind control was fully exposed, blown wide open and laid bare for all to see if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  5. They have completed the panoptikon! The New World Order isn't something coming, the Antichrist and Illuminati takeover of the world isn't something we must fight against happening in the future . International corporations are proof of the One World Government that has been in place since the Antarctic treaty and the slow strangling the human psyche. D evolution we are De Vo Luciferian Processing The Group Mind… Homo Gestalt. Swarm intelligence and the dumbing-down of the masses do simple binary choices and a Greek duelist worldview. Humanist materialism as a worldview is suicidal. It's Beginning Proclamation an underlying presuppositional Foundation is no God no reason no meaning, no purpose (which if they had any brains at all would realize there can be no order but they'll figure that out very soon now). All of the social media platforms that exist now have been chosen and put in place by stealing the patents and choosing the participant in the global scheme to imprison the entire world's population through propaganda, War, entertainment, mind control, magic technology, drugs and oh yeah… War… did I forget to mention War? And new technologies that will seem like magic because they've been hiding them from us for the last 50 years, so of course Elon Musk can tell one of his buddies to do whatever he wants "no problem pal… anytime!"

  6. The whole world system is one big demonic bureaucracy, everyone does their little job, and none truly have any clue that they are participating in a conspiracy, let alone the mother of all deceptions, the destruction of mankind, they are simply following their flesh, driven by their own pride and greed …

  7. If you're a Christian with one foot still in the door of materialism and babylon… admitting all the conspiracy is actually true is impossible…it makes you're world totally insecure…not to mention the conviction of God they are passing off as untrue or even satanic attacks…

    Peter said "free yourselves from this impure generation"

    Words for us now for sure.


  9. It's so terrible elon was right about it being awful cgi.. must be real then oh yeah it doesn't matter now the cgi doesn't matter because the sheep that are awake are against a massive amount of people or are they.

  10. of course he has pull on internet… musk has been making his money on internet before google was even invented (he was on the internet before the internet was a thing)… and way before the concept of sharing videos online was even thought of. He's seen the internet boom way back… when common people were discovering internet he was selling his first company and starting paypal… while everyone was focused on how to control oil, he was making the electric car into a real thing… while everyone used disposable rockets since….forever, he thought of reusability… he is 1000 steps ahead. If all this conspiracy bs it's true he is very high up on the food chain

  11. I have to remind myself all the time that EVERYTHING the media, gov, and all in between is part of this huge agenda. I think were missing a bigger picture to all this. They know were on their heels with the truth. Just like flat earth it almost like theyve taken the reigns of that as well. The real truth of our earth is prob far greater than we can understand….its so frustrating that even with proof people just ignore it go for one of theyre indoctrinated excuses.

  12. Can't stand small talk,,, why would you ever, want to go out and socialise,
    when your so wide awake,,, who want's to listen to some fool moaning
    about, nothing, … I just want to slap them, and yell in their ffing face, …
    SHUT THE #UCK UP,,, We are up against everything, and they dare moan,
    about rubbish bins.

  13. Keep standing strong brother. Jesus Christ woke me up 2 years ago to the reality of the deception a foot. Jesus Christ is Lord. The only answer. The way the truth the life. God bless you bro.

  14. Russian "space" program is around because they fulfill their contracts made in ~2001.
    Also Russia is able to hold Kazakhstan, having their station there. Isis already tryed their activities on muslim population there. So having the space station there, Russia is able to move their troops in Kazakhstan without permission.

  15. The Truth is stranger… – sorry but your misunderstanding of the environment of space is not evidence of anything. I can debunk every claim you made above: 1 – condensation on the window. There is no reason that there CANNOT be water condensation on the window, BUT that particular condensation is probably NOT water but volatiles that are outgassing from all the plastics specifically the vents in the heating/defrost system which vents right at the base of the windshield.

  16. The big, influential flat earth channels all have one thing in common: hatred of the Bible and the Christian God. And many who profess to be Christians support them and mistake compromise with love. They don't bring the Gospel with them to those channels, they instead let the new agers, gnostics and satanists interpret the Bible for them. It's all very sad.

  17. let's get one thing straight, Jesus said not to look for him to return with physical eyes, in other words he isn't coming back in the way you have been taught, Christ is in you, when he returns he will return through you, and me and all others who have put on a Christ mind.

  18. Fact: YouTube is taking likes away from your channel and other similar channels. I liked this video when it came out, then today I get a reply and come back to look at it and my like is gone.

    This is far from the first time this has happened. It happens A LOT! At least to me it does. Has been going on for months….

    Kiss my ass Google!


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