Devotional Christian Songs 🎚 Best Tagalog Worship With Lyrics
In this video episode, I checked and proofread each hymn to ensure their integrity, and then edited them into a compilation. (Also, I hope you can leave me a comment if you find any problems, thank you for your kindness)
I hope the brothers in the Lord will enjoy it. God be with us. AMEN🙏



  1. lord Jesus ,,sinusuko sa inyo ang buhay ko at ng mga taong mahal ko..i believe in you my lord and espirit and truth..healed my husband and my all brothers have anxiety depression…..My lord my everything 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thank you Lord for your guidance and protection for me and for my family! I am asking to please heal the sick people and all those affected by this pandemic and most especially to the people of Ukraine in this difficult time (war)🙏 and enlighten Putin to stop this war! Amen

  3. This girl is so versatile! She's now showing that she can be a diva in her way. She offered something new that we have not seen, another side of her vocal prowess.

    Love her range, she can defnitely sustain long/powerful notes. Love her and Ranillo Enriquez.


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