The Department of Fisheries and Oceans reminded Maritimers being hammered by Hurricane Fiona by saying, “if you find lobsters washed up on the shore after the storm, remember it is illegal to harvest them. Simply leave them there.” 

A new order paper response to an inquiry of ministry by Conservative MP Shelby Kramp Neuman about the number of staff employed to manage social media across multiple ministries revealed the DFO team topped out at 13. 

The tone-deaf tweet reminding people of their civic duty to starve to death in a natural disaster zone, even if food washes up on the beach in front of them. This was overseen by two managers, a team lead and three advisors. An apology was issued by the DFO account after swift public backlash.

Previously, Prime Minister Trudeau told reporters that it was, as well, the civic duty of Canadians to die at the hands of an attacker because “it’s not a right that you have” to defend yourself with a firearm.

Legal experts have disputed Trudeau’s analysis of self-defence law.

Hurricane Fiona has been described as one of the fiercest storms the region has ever faced, leaving residents of Nova Scotia and PEI dealing with debris, power outages and destruction.

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