1. Bro I watched a plane in Pennsylvania field land at the Cincinnati airport on channel 5 and on another channel minutes later it disappeared into a field…..watched myself on CNN escorting CNN reporters while eating with my mom and when she did believe me I told her things that was about to be live. The footage looks like the cameras at indoor gun ranges and 30 rnds did how much damage…..JMO and just saying it yet again problem, reaction, solution.

  2. Steven one huge point you missed, made about Surveillance footage of the Walmart shooter and the photo of the man being arrested. It is obviously not the same man. The one in the SVid is wearing cargo pants the one being arrested is wearing Chinos. I saw these the day after the incident. It is sickening to think of the possible reasons the News station r is reporting it before it even happened. I have not been able to stomach even Fox news reporting on it because they just kept disseminating the crap being said by Beto Schmado and other irresponsible claims.

  3. S teve, I just watched the vid you and Jana did ,Hold on to your bibles, and heard your dream from I think you said 2014. I have a dream interpretation gift, 20 years + now. The man drinking on top God's Holy place = you knew, the anti- christ, he is drinking of the living water, as he has been given reigning power, from God to do God's will on earth. He turns and pours out the drink, and says I am no longer drinking = the anti-christ has now become the devil incarnate and believes he has the power on his own to rule in God's seat, for a time he may have that seat and does not need to receive the drink as his power, he has it on his own. You were told to go and stop him= as a believer in Yeshua, you, along with the rest of the body of Christ, hold the power to stop the anti-christ from drinking, thus allowing the prophetic to move forward ( allowing the devill to take his place as ruler for the short time alotted him). This is what I got for the dream interpretation, as soon as I heard what you said about it. So, how do we do it? What is our, ie. your power, to stop the man who is drinking from drinking? If you figure this out or get the answer from the Holy Spirit, please let the rest of us know so we can all work together as one body to get faster results. Much love ! Hoped this helped answer some questions about your dream.

  4. This would have been a 3rd El Paso shooting. I posted it a few times. Jim Stone posted it, with a link to Fox 14. This 3rd shooting was evidently planned and was cancelled after it was announced early.

  5. Was it the same time zone?

    Also– there is software now to change a person's face, AND–
    when has the public ever been given surveillance footage, and at the very beginning of the event, no less!!!!!

    Another thing that could be changed, maybe to stir confusion, is the Fox footage.

    Be skeptical, people. We're being deceived.

  6. out of the last 10-15 years, there have been many of these shootings that the shooter was caught. But I dont recall any national news of these guys sentenced or where they are in jail? You would think that would national news. Curious where these shooters are? Or have I just missed it? thinking someone should do a reporting on shooters 5 years after, where are they and have they shown remorse?

  7. Steve this people do what they learn to do from their father of all lies Satan the great deceiver! When Jesus shines his light on the darkness we are able to see through the lies ! Lucifer Satan the 😈 devil him self run the system of United States of America! Watch your self people with the 666 the mark the rfid chip that will send you straight to hell the prison for evil spirits and lost souls that rejected the truth of God ((Jesus Christ))

  8. Actually the ONLY thing that actually makes sense in the photo is the ear muffs.. apparently you've never fired a rifle before, it is DEAFENING loud it's not like what you see in the movies where they fire off 30 rounds right next to their heads and don't even flinch. Those shots are so loud that when fired (especially firing 30 rounds at a time) your ears would be ringing so badly and it actually disorientate you as well

  9. Now that’s just plain stupid! “Strike Three!” And it tells me EXACTLY the TRUTH about YOU! YOU are of the devil your father! This is far from the first time you jumped to believing LIES from the evil leftist demonrats! You are aware that that is the party that stands for murdering children! Homosexuality!Against Israel!
    If this was the first time it might would be different! “Strike THREE!”

  10. When dealing with a world of dishonesty, manipulation and deception it leaves you with questions and so called conspiracy theories to make sense of a situation!! In questioning their reporting, we fall into their trap so they can label you crazy! Devious psychological brilliance!

  11. The 2nd amendment, needs to be re-visited & say WHAT 'SPECIFIC ARMS' & # of bullets that should be allowed for protection. BANNING totally AK/ AR machine guns/magazines of bullets WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION USED WAR FRONTS. S/b outlawed for PRIVATE CITIZEN OWNERSHIP! NOT BEING USED FOR PROTECTION!

  12. If 'GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE", then why are the shooters & police wearing BULLET PROOF PROTECTION? POINT? The bullets do the killing, like heroin does the killing. There is intent to KILL with magazines of bullets. Hippa prevents mental/ Schools SEAL records so BACKGROUND CHECKS are pointless. GUNS R ORDERED ONLINE! in parts

  13. people keep reporting only 2 shootings/ when there was a festival and random shooting the same week. These are all too frequent. 255 mass shooting since Jan. 2019. 78% white male young, with weapons of mass destruction for WAR TO KILL MANY in seconds. These are NOT ARMS for protection in the 2nd amendment, it needs to be AMENDED.

  14. All these mass shootings are false flag events by using Hypnosises to HYPOTHESIZE victims they seek out threw social media networks and then directing them to carry out these acts of evil while there put under a hypnotic state of mind control. First they must defang the Americans 1st and 2nd constitution amendment rights. The DEEPSTATE ILUMITI ROUTHCHILDS ZIONIST HAS FULL CONTROL OVER OUR UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TODAY. THEY TRAITORS TO OUR CITIZENS UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION THIS IS "TREASON" WE DEMAND A INVESTIGATION BY BRIBERY AND BLACKMAILING BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY. And ZIONIST TROLLS IN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IN HIGH PLACES.???


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