Original Creator is StillSpeakingout:https://youtu.be/cUDN83lGroI
For all the ignorant people making comments that don’t believe in cloning or believe its true..here is a link..see for yourself:
So before you make a stupid comment about cloning..do some research..turn off Dancing with the Stars and American Idol for about 30 minutes and figure out whats really going on!
Been telling you for years what Satan and the Elites are after..
Its not money..they got it
Its not land..they got it
Its not food..they got it
Its not water..they got it
Its not some stupid building in Israel
Its the true Temple of God is where Satan wants to Sit..
More info at the RACE:http://www.nicholson1968.com/the-new-race
Actress name is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zubaida_Tharwat
StillSpeakingOut..Special Thanks!



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