Lori Vallow Daybell’s former sister-in-law Zulema Pastenes continues to testify against the “doomsday cult” mom Tuesday. The Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber and Gigi McKelvey break down her disturbing testimony, so far.

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  1. Charles wish came true, Lori is being EXPOSED for the evil person that she is, to the whole 🌎 no conscious, greedy with a narcissistic, grandiose personality.

  2. Now dont get mad with me but they really brainwashed Alex to do their dirty work. I wonder how it started, how Chad would get these people thinking he is a God like figure. Surely any sane person at first would think it was bs, so what changed and made an uncle kill his neice and nephew and chop one of them up. I also wonder if Tylee knew what was going on? 🤔

  3. 1. Is there a chance that Lori can be charged with Charles murder and death penalty added?
    2. Do you think the Social Security Office will prosecute Lori for fraud on not reporting:
    1. Her new marriage
    2. Tylee’s money coming in after her death.
    3. JJ’s money, same?

  4. I hope this is a (Wake Up Call For Other's !!!!!) People Please If You Have Watched This An Any Of This Sounds Familiar To You (YOU ARE IN A CULT !!! SEEK HELP FOR YOURSELF !!!!! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT !!! THEY WILL KILL YOU !!! God ask only that You believe in His Son Jesus and ask forgiveness of your sins and to turn away from sin !!! YOU ARE NOT TO KILL, YOU ARE NOT TO STAND IN JUDGMENT OF SOMEONE, THERE IS NO SCALE OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, NO HUMAN IS IN CONTROL OF THE ELEMENTS ON EARTH OR IN HEAVEN ONLY GOD WHO CREATED THEM ALL !!!! Their believes and teachings which against God That's How You Know It Is Evil !!! These Two Turned Themselves Into Their Own God !!! Pure Evil !!!

  5. I get a weird narcissistic vibe from Lori’s oldest son. I didn’t like his interviews since this happened. It was one thing that he never cried….but he seemed to enjoy doing these interviews. I dk. Weird vibe regardless of his actions. I can see her favoring her boy. I could see her making him be her savior when he was young.

  6. Native Idahoan Here. Yes This Sally Port is Located on East End of the Building on The Back Side it Has A Code Controlled Electric Roll up Door that Opens to Only Allow 1 Vehicle At A Time in For Extreme Security

  7. I didnt follow this because she disgusted me so much. I had no IDEA!!! She starred in her own movie. I am almost speechless, except she IS so disgusting. I really HATE women who use their sexuality to seduce people. And she was "so religious"…yeah, of course she was.

  8. BTW anyone else impatiently waiting for Chad's trial to see him flip on Lori like the little B-Tch he is. I hope she wakes up when that happens and shows her (if she really did believe those delusions) that it was all lies and manipulations because he did not want young kids around and only wanted Lori for himself. That would maybe be better than the death penalty her realizing she killed her children and they weren't evil and having to live with that the rest of her life

  9. Also remind people Chad gave Zulema the power of FIRE!! What have YOU done wicked demon?? Religious ? Well, not Christian religion. If they are following anything and worshiping anything it is SATAN!!


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