10 Basic Tips to Prepare for a Disaster
1. Water
1-2 gallons of water per person, per day. A 3-day supply for evacuation, a two-week supply at home.
2. Food
Easy to prepare, non perishable items and a mechanical can opener. Canned soup, meat, vegetables, and fruit. A 3-day supply for evacuation, a two-week supply at home.
3. Shelter
An emergency blanket, sleeping bag or regular blankets, and tent.
4. Medical
First aid kit, a supply of essential medicines for at least a week, other crucial medical supplies like an inhaler.
5. Light
Flashlights, extra batteries, and extra bulbs. Candles. Waterproof matches or lighter.
6. Radio
A battery-powered AM/FM radio.
7. Cash
Cash machines won’t work without electricity. Have a minimum of $50 on hand in small bills plus phone change.
8. Cell Phone and Charger
Although a cell phone may not work in a disaster, it might also be your line to life-saving support.
9. Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Items
Toilet paper, toothbrush, soap and other essential supplies.
10. Personal Documents
Driver’s license, birth certificate, passports, insurance policies, proof of address or lease, medication list and medical information, copies of credit cards, checks.

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Put your trust in God. Jesus loves you all!

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  1. Please feel free to share any preparation books, websites, and videos that may help viewers get their homes ready for any emergency. God bless everyone. At the minimum, keep a bug out bag near by for each member of your family.

  2. The Bible says not to worry about what yu will eat or wear, for if He feeds the birds of the air, then He shall surely provide for us!!
    Feed your heart & soul instead with the WORD OF GOD.
    Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of the Lord!

  3. For pasta like macaroni, I have them in thier original packaging in 5 liter plastic Ice-cream dishes. Dug one out, nearly 10 years after getting the pasta and it cooked just fine 🙂

    At home we use the ice cream dishes, butter containers and even power aid bottles. and any other containers that are sealable that had food or liquid that were made for long term storage of those ietems. These containers are ideal and no need to worry about your food tasting like the plastic containers and don't cost you anything to have. Also by sealing things in them, if for some reason like with pasta, weavals do contaminate them. It will only be that container and not spread to other things. And makes it harder for things like rodents to get at your stuff too. Also things like glass bottles with metal lids can be useful for canning. I've even used the bottles to freeze things in and then all I do is, take them out of the deep freeze, remove the lid and chuck it in the microwave. No need for extra cooking containers and dishes to wash 🙂

    You don't need to spend a fortune to store stuff, just know what needs to be done and how to do it with what you have.

  4. Ppl that do this idk really weird. Who would want to live in a poisonous, radiation world? I’d rather die and be with my Lord, ppl that stock pile are wasting their money and time, the Bible clearly tells us NOT to store up anything He knows all and to trust in Him and that is my hope and faith ty appreciate your hard work 😓

  5. I know that with faith I will have all I need because God has been preparing me. I live in maine and plan on going even more remote. I have had a post tribulation mindset for 15 years so unlike alot of people who are commenting I am not afraid. I see comments here of people depending on an early exit. And when that doesn't come or they fall for the wrong God they will lose hope. Look it this way the jews stayed in egypt while it was being hit with plagues. God's people were kept safe and we will be too. Be ready to meet Jesus but be prepared to go though some of it.💕

  6. God will provide for us. but we can also prepare like was spoken of in the parable of the virgins. that is a VERY clear message to prepare. yes spirituality first of course. but really, do you really want to sit in the dark when the power goes out. guaranteed you will wish you listened to the " crazy" Christian s that tried to warn you. does it mean it don't trust in God, not at all. I do. completely. but people are gonna say what they want and judge. let them. I know where I stand with God.i answer to. God not man.. so judge away those that are.we are supposed to be wise.like the wise virgins.

  7. It doesn't matter if you pepare or not people will take your food and brake into your homes . I have been fasting and eat small meals and not depending on food . I used to go through the day without eating for long periods of time . And I haven't gotten sick anymore and I have been taking care of myself .So everyone don't be afraid and be pepared spiritually for what will happen .

  8. Fear mongers. These vids are full of things that will make the average person very, very afraid. In Jesus name, I am not the average person. I am redeemed, saved, justified, and set apart for the Kingdom of the Most High God!!!! Bring it on!! Blow the world up!! I know where I'm going. Do you????

  9. It may be a Tyler AI install but you cant argue with good information. just an FYI, we stored Aldi assorted nuts 20 years ago, recently pulled them out, broke the seal and they tasted just like fresh store bought.
    The condensed milk changed to a darker color but was still usable when they were years beyond their expiration date.
    If you buy fish should be tuna and sardines in oil. nothing else will last. Even bad canned fish can be used to catch catfish, bullhead, carp, etc. You can also use that to prime a fly trap that you can feed to the chickens or aquaponics fish.

  10. If you are talking about making preparations for the Great Tribulation then the only thing you need to prepare is your salvation by confessing that you are a sinner and that you put all your faith only in Jesus Christ for your salvation and not any of your works. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.and if you are saved then you will be raptured before the tribulation( For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ 1 Thess 5:9) also revelations 5 talks about christians who are in heaven in the moment of the opening of the tribulation seals reffering them as elders

  11. you can make an easy shelter with a big rock if any are around and put tree limbs etc. around up against a good sized rock or a fallen tree and make a small shelter to sleep in. you have to be creative but it is possible to do. and also you can make a filter pen for water with a turkey baster put charcoal in it and cotton balls and literally drink out of mud puddles etc. Tash bags are a good cheap way to stay dry. learn how to build a fire. get water proof matches. tarps etc. have a bag ready to go with warm clothes some water and granola and trail mix etc. it's light to carry and will last. have good warm socks gloves etc. rope, batt.operated lanterns. etc.


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