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  1. I have said this before! The Sabbath is the Sabbath, people have said " oh that's the old testament, and it is different now " it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Thank you for this!

  2. So here we are with more christian arrogance and vengeance, speaking on Gods behalf about the Sabbath. I do not observe the Jewish sabbath, nor their purity laws in Leviticus. I eat pork and duck and other biblically forbidden foods. I do not stone women caught in adultery. I do not require women to cover their heads and remain silent during a service. Jesus us my saviour and Lord. I love my neighbour, forgive my enemies and pray in secret. With jesus I condemn Pharisees and their legalism whether about the Sabbath or anything else. Going to hell? Well yes, if it makes you feel good, otherwise leave it out.

  3. keep both days I'm sure god would agree be sure to rest on sat though more worship the better maybe they changed the date who knows the romans had the books of the bible from the beginning it was put together. who know what was taken out or out in.. best thing to do is talk with god one on one have a relationship with him.. we r not to judge people instead pray.. so I pray for the romans who had the control and still do.. pray for all to find Jesus no matter what..he loves us all. he wants us to turn from our wicked ways and love even if they hate u.. most people know deep down in there hearts if they r doin the wrong things.. its called free will world.. seek Jesus call on him open ur hearts to learn how to love him.. u have to love him as u do ur own kids even more.. open ur hearts and he will show u why u should love him.. he died so we would not rot. wake up give thanks to the lord he deserves more thanks than any one man.. wake up wake up wake up. he's commin he showed and told me so.. I love all u brother's and sisters.. love and pray seven days a week.. what's the harm.

  4. But is it really a girl.. isn’t she being used to spread a message.. they been using her for a long time..children don’t usually get to speak up that much. Where are her parents? Why does she get to speak in highly places..? Anyone who’s cool with these pedo popes can’t sit with me

  5. I listen to you all the time. I like your videos. Saturday is a creation of the beast. When Christ walked on this Earth with his disciples they followed YAH's calendar which is the luni-solar calendar. The Julian 8 day calendar was being used at that time also the luni-solar 7 day calendar was in use. Yahushua did not submit to the Julian calendar. Today your Saturday Sabbath is part of the beast calendar which is the pope Gregory calendar ( Gregorian calendar). I know you know this. I'm perplexed that you are endorsing the Pope's calendar.

  6. It is already in our adventist churches. Next time chexk the colour of the Bible on all the new Adventist glass pulpits. It is Green! No long 3 angels with the trumpet but an open Green bible.

  7. Not all Christian churches are aware on "Sunday" violation of ten commandments. Is it better not to go church Sunday even if it's a Bible teaching Christian Church… I'm confused.

  8. My Friend They Know the weather is changing as it is a Solar Cycle. Just as in ELLEN WHITE'S DAY THE Dalton Minimum or Grand Solar Minimum is a Cycle of the sun that God Created. They Know we are in the 200 year cycle and this one is forecast to be extreme. They are using the fore knowledge of the Grand Solar Minimum and lying saying it is man made. It is a Bet they know from history causes EARTH QUAKES EXTREME STORMS AND A WEAKENING OF THE ATMOSPHERE. Which opens earth up to meteors entering more easily. Also a side effect of the GSM are Pandemic war and starvation. Millions died in the LATE 1600's GSM Named the MAUNDER MINIMUM Next in the 1800's was the DALTON MINIMUM 7 THE GLACIAL DIP ADVANCE A DIP IN SOLAR ACTIVITY JUST AFTER THE DALTON MINIMUM. This was the cycle during ELLEN WHITES DAY. earth quakes and Meteor showers and stars falling. Remember God Made these cycles in his plan. So YES THE WEATHER AND CLIMATE ARE CHANGING HOWEVER IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAN MADE.

  9. Make no mistake there are two attacks on worship one is who you worship and the other is the day you worship. And the world has both wrong. And ALL churches follow one or the other including yours.


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