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  1. A true born again believer will be unable to take the mark of the beast. It just won't happen. Also is this a true account of this woman's life or is it a dramatization.

  2. Why did you take the medication when he increased the dosage. Did he come over your house everyday and hold a gun to your head to force the pills down your throat. There's holes in this story.

  3. People are so quick to blame doctors. It is our health folks and we need to be responsible for it. If a doctor prescribes you a new med read the insert the pharmacist includes with the script. Talk to the pharmacist about the drug. Look it up on the internet. Don't just blindly take it without doing zero research on your own about the benefits and risks of the drug. If you don't want to continue taking it then stop. Taper yourself even if your doctor is not helping you. There's tons of info online about how to do it safely. If you find you can't do it on your own then find another doctor who will help you. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH!!!!

  4. I understand the "addiction to the mental health system" & meds. I'm stepping away… it's like a prison- once you get locked in there… I know Jesus Christ is the Divine Healer and those drugs are a trap. A lie.
    Praise God for freeing me once again.

  5. Thank you for making this video my sister because i believe that Jesus directed me here for reasons because i 2 was taking depression and anxiety pills but i just stop taking them today because they are making me doubtful and making it hard to study and mediate and so on but i am praying for God's healing over it all and i would like to ask everyone for your prayers to get thru this.. i don't need them meds. i need Jesus🙏🙏🙏 i believe in my heart that them meds are mind controlling and i couldn't constrate and think straight. Just needed to share this with all my sisters and brothers. God is a healer and i dont need them meds anymore to control me and my mind making it hard to hear God's small still voice🙏🙏🙏

  6. Give it to Jesus! No one needs these, they are from the pits of hell they were designed to hook people to depend on them the pharmaceutical companies have made billions out of getting people on them, there is no cure for mental illness, only Jesus can do that through his power and grace. I will pray for you sister so that God can give you the strength and will to overcome this, its a demonic spirit that captivates us into these as cocaine, crack heroine, meth, marijuana, alcohol, sedatives, pain medications etc. i thank Jesus everyday for getting me off of cocaine, crack, weed pain meds, xanax, prozac and lastly cigarettes which believe it or not was the toughest demon to get rid off, now im free in Jesus name, I praise him forever and ever glory be to his name !!!!

  7. Side affects listed for xanax include shoplifting and lying. I was hooked on benzodiazepines (xanax, valium, etc..) And, when I started to serve the Lord, I realized that these particular pills opened a door to demons. Lying and stealing are not drug side affects, they are evidence of possession. I named these pills God blockers because that is exactly what they do. I will pray for this young lady. Jesus is the only way to escape using. God bless.

  8. I'm currently on prescription medications synthroid and Cortef for my hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency . I've been thinking about this that I won't be able to buy my prescription meds when the mark of the beast comes out .

  9. 14months ago I weaned myself off of Effexor and Trazadone without my doctors knowledge. It was hard and took a month or more. The physiological effects were difficult. I applaud you for getting off these mess and turning to Jesus. He will see you through

  10. When I was young I thought it was cool to say your crazy like ADD or depress . I was influence by other that taking pill are the key to all my problem . So wierd how all this kids had this on there head during my time growing up .

  11. The one thing that really helps me is, watching yestv,ch.18,I live in Canada, but, watching all those poor people in the world, how they suffer, especially children, makes you humble yourself to think, do I really have it that bad? No!!! Pills has only ruined me. If it helps, I heard these words after a dream that has made me different for a whole year now, I know what I have to do, the voice said, "Be Strong," Don't look Back, Clean your House"! I have been touched, poked in the arm twice, by I don't know who, I have seen a star like bright light, zoom across my daughters front lawn and disappear, I have been taken out of my body and shown 2 angels, and they were very serious looking at me, I telepathically asked them "Where's Jesus?" just to be put in a cave like setting with a woman wearing red, was crying , neeling over a rock, and again I asked her Where's Jesus?" And then I was walking up stairs onto a cloudy platform, where I looked down, and saw, ground and then grass. I saw the earth underneath this, and it spun towards me, I could feel the motion and I woke up. I live in a basement apartment, so I believe I was watching myself being put back into my body. The woman I believe was Mary Magdeline, and the 2 angels were there guarding Jesus's tomb. I woke up one night, and heard a woman preacher saying, get out of your tomb, don't be so depressed, Mary didn't have the total faith when she saw Jesus gone from the tomb, but he was there the whole time, she just didn't understand she walked right by him in the garden. So, I have even seen a demond in a dream that was a dog that turned back and went to attacked my arm, I woke up fast!! and felt bugs crawling all over me just for a second, but then I could see black shadowy figures, climbing the wall, so, is it important to Clean Your House?? Answer is very clear. I also believe that fasting is the way to take your pain away, because your thinking about food instead, I will pray for this brave woman, she could inspire alot of people! Jesus is very near with you always, and Loves you more than you'll ever know, God Bless!

  12. Amen, hallelujah this just reminded me of the powerbof God in my life. I came off of ADHD medication. God told me clearly one day that it was hindering ny relationship with Him. I told the center I was at I wanted off because God said so and it was making me dose off they told me it was against there policy. so I'd get the pills everyday and flush them. been off them for 6 months now God helped me through whole process. since that act of obediance by the grace of God I have gone deeper in my relationship with Him and he continues to take me deeper. thanks for sharing really touched me

  13. Amen Sister!! I am in a similar boat as you @ this time. This video showed me that I am not alone in this fight!! Thank you!! FATHER is leading the way, HE WILL deliver us. I will be praying for you!! Stay STRONG in HIM. Lean not unto your own understanding but put all your FAITH & TRUST in HIM! Also, thank-you Brother Levi for the video and keep up the awesome job that you are doing for HIS KINGDOM!! Praise JESUS!! 🙂


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