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  1. Theses buildings came down as if they were a controlled Demolition, they didn’t come down like being hit to be knocked down, the twin towers and the other building to the side, they came down as a controlled fall, as a controlled demolition

  2. Bro I want your friend ship I’m a native Chicagoen joined the marine corps lived in California for years now in Idaho but your about the most street smart man I’ve seen in years love u bro Semper Fi

  3. Ritchie!! Being a man of GOD, we are told to never curse ISRAEL. With corruption in almost every government, and UN members all being Luciferians, nothing is cut and dried. We have a fine line we have to discern between this madness. There are plays on words and phrases. Then we get to the question,. WHO is ISRAEL!! ONE would think people who have sold their souls to Satan would not qualify. Without CHRIST none of them have SALVATION, or REDEMPTION, and GOD says 1/3 are gonna get smoked early on. To make GOD seem nonexistent, CHRISTIANS and JEWS have to disappear. I have several thoughts on this, and I, myself can see how someone is making a bad name for ALL. JESUS SAID "DO NOT BE DECEIVED"!! It is becoming difficult these days. GODSPEED!

  4. Ok now I know Richie is probably been compromised!!! Also remember the video he did about the 5G next to his place well he seems like he's doing just fine and the reason I bring this to peoples attention is because of credibility. A lot of these channel are definitely showing their hand now so be aware of who you really believe. Time will tell & show.

  5. Jesus Christ ALONE is our teacher…we will worship HIM alone in Spirit and Truth……AMEN…Trust NO MAN…Take everything to Jesus, if you do you will NEVER go wrong…

  6. When Trump went from tycoon to busted and bankrupt, it was Jacob Rothschild who bankrolled Trump back in business and he groomed him for 30 years to become president right now according to the Biblical time chart of the stars. That is the main reason they are chemtrailing because they know when the Rapture takes place, the revealing of the Antichrist takes place, and the start of the great tribulation, to the terrible day of The LORD God…aka…the wrath, and then comes the 2nd coming. When the walls go up that traps Americans inside where they cannot escape. The nation of Israel is not Israel/the man. The Khazarian Jews, and the Orthodox-Christians have stolen the identity of the Biblical Israelites. Americans are the Israelites of the Bible. The LORD God JESUS will protect Israel in the last days. No one has been executed. No one has been arrested and put in to Gitmo. It’s all a hoax.

  7. To listen to Trump, today, Friday, Feb. 15, I just shake my head that he could be so likeable, BY ME. IS HE THAT GOOD AN ACTOR?
    THE guy touches my heart with his innocence. Fully knowing his whole background, his family members, his affiation with NETANYAHU and jesuits, 33rd freemasons, casino jew billionaire donating the largest sum, ever!
    What is this guy???! Were those envelopes click bait at Bushes funeral?! Do I really think anybody is going down at Gitmo? NOOOOOOO! SO, why do I sit listening to this guy, chuckling at his controlling the press, with such glee? I know he has to be a Trojan Horse. Why does listening to him, make me for one moment, feel, fuzzy all over?

  8. Richie I have to disagree with you. I live in New Jersey in a heavy Muslim populated, south paterson and when the towers fell, there were Muslims dancing in the streets. I saw them with my very 2 eyes.

  9. BTW, that anti BDS legislation was written up by Congress. Regardless, both parties are controlled by Israel but I have a deep seeded feeling Trump is on the right side. You say you are a Christian so if so you have a relationship with God as I do and he tells me I am on Right path. How do you explain the withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan Richie? This man realized years ago his calling and knew he had to change things slowly and methodically or he would end up like JFK & his son. Do you really think he would show his wall in office and not hang things that placate the demons running the show? I believe there are good people on earth and just because Trump has money doesn't mean he has been betrayed or realized what has happened to this country and want to do something about it. Stop being so jaded and maybe you will be able to see where so many of us are coming from. I don't take my faith lightly and I depend on God for wisdom not just what I can see with my eyes

  10. Dude your hatred for this Masonic, corrupt government has clouded your judgement bro. Do you seriously think Trump could come out & say those were Israelis cheering rather than Muslims? Think about it. What happened when he made his observation? People researched and discovered more truths. This man is the most despised President in U.S. history and all of media has continuously tried to destroy him. I know what you will say, "its a grand hoax to fool us". No, they don't give us enough credit and think we are all sheep, why would the Jewish owned media spend so many resources to "fool" Gentiles who they think are fat & stupid? You have it wrong buddy. Do you know who Kim Clement is? He was a preacher and real estate tycoon. Kim predicted in 2007 that Trump would become President and would build walls and go on to win in 2020. He also predicted the Twin towers, Lybia, Sadam Husseins capture and Osama Bin Laden's death. Look into it. He was a man of God and some say a prophet. Your hatred is blinding you from the truth which you so desperately seek.

  11. As in the days of noah, so it will be in the days of the coming of the son of man..trump is playing his part well..when noahide law comes out all Christians will be beheaded cuz we believe in jesus n they don't cuz they killed him…that's who trump n the false prophet the pope is pushing us to. .get right with god

  12. @RFB and all his Subscribers

    I am originally from NYC but have lived in the DC area since 78. While never working directly for the government, I have met those who do personally and professionally. I have learned more about what really goes on here than I bargained for.

    While the Zionists play a very large role, they are not the only driving force. There are many moving parts…the Shadow Government and Deep State….related, but different. These players all have a vested interest in continued conflict…details a bit much for this post. The information is out there.

    As for Zionists, let's be clear about something. We are not even talking about Jews who are genetically connected to ancient Israel. Look up the Khazars/Kazarian theory. I have had a number of conversations with Dr. Eran Elhaik a geneticist who has written about this.

    In brief, the Khazars decided to intermarry with Jews and take up the religion and did so by the 10th century. Genetically, this group, eastern European Jews whom we call Ashkenazi, are genetically largely unrelated to the original Jews of Israel. It was these Jews, not the original Jes of the diaspora, who started Zionism. Israel is run by descendants of the Khazars. While I am a Christian, I am from an Ashkenazi family. The irony is that Palestinian Arabs are genetically closer to the original inhabitants of ancient Israel than I am, (or those who rule Israel.)

    Now let's look at President Trump. I voted him because as far back as when Clinton was President, I got to know a number of Secret Service guys and knew how dangerous they were then. However, I also knew that Trump had been a Democrat and had been friends of the Clintons.

    Do you believe that Trump made it into Manhattan real estate without picking up a quite a few markers the Jews who pull the strings on finance?

    How do you think his son in law came into the picture. I suspect he is a sayan. If you do not know what that is, you should look it up. What I do know is that he has never undergone a counterintelligence interview or investigation which is quite different than the standard FBI background investigation for a clearance. Some suggest that this makes the President a "crypto" Jew. To be clear, Kushner's influence is far, far greater than people know not to mention the fact that he is largely responsible for getting Trump elected.

    Now, let's look at some other things.

    Why did Trump make the decree that the American Embassy would be moved to Jerusalem on December 6, 2017? The answer lies in what happened almost to the day on November 2, 2017, 100 years previously.

    That was the date of the Balfour Declaration. Staring to make sense? How did it come about? As you recall, Europe was having a little party or get together around that time….it was called World War I. England was actually not doing very well and Pax Britannica faced defeat. It was known that the Zionists had some influence on American Jews/Zionists. The promise was made to create a Jewish homeland if the Zionists could influence America to enter the war. The letter itself was written at the request of Lord Rothchild.

    Now you also know why the seven-day war took place on June 5, 1967, about 50 years after the Declaration.

    The end of WW II brought an end to Pax Britannica and beginning of Pax Americana. The goal of the Zionists, the Khazar mafia, is Pax Judaica.

    The Khazar or Ashkenazi mafia so to speak exists. If you have not seen this, you should….it is a cable discussing organized crime in Israel. What most Americans do not know is that while the mafia has been popularized to be comprised of Sicilians, that is actually not true. The majority of those involved in the organized crime of the American mafia are Jewish. You should research this for yourself. As for the cable, you can find it here:

    This brings us to 9-11. I belong to Scholars for 9-11 Truth and I know Jim Fetzer and have had a number of discussions about the subject.

    It was not Muslims jumping up and down on the rooftop of a building in NJ. It was a few members of what came to be known as a large cell of Mossad agents who were apprehended but then released and allowed to return to Israel. This was reported and you can easily find it although it was suppressed at the time. A white paneled truck containing explosives and Israelis was also found at that time.

    I do not believe any one person knows all the details with respect to the how and who of 9-11. What we do know is the OBL had nothing to do with it. You can find the FBI wanted poster online and through the word deceased runs across it, there is nothing about 9-11, only the Embassy bombings in the 90s.

    My own research has led me to the belief that Israel was primarily responsible with the help of the neocons who were too stupid to have concocted this by themselves. It was a very sophisticated operation which took place without live drills….very clever. I also had a conversation with a foreign national who worked for one of his country's intelligence agency which confirmed Israel as the primary culprit. It was an Israeli security company that was in charge of security in the World Trade Center at the time.

    There is something that should be mentioned. Truthers always point to Building 7. I grew up in Manhattan and watched those buildings go up by the way. The steel used both in the external "skin" so to speak and the core of the twin towers was massive. Those aircraft must have been made of some kind of special material to cut like a knife through butter as the videos would have you believe.

    If you look closely at the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7, while they appear similar, in my opinion, they are different. Building 7 was a classic controlled demolition where the central core was pulled using cutting (shaped charges) explosives on the central beams. You can also clearly see squibs shooting out of the sides as the building fell into its own footprint not touching a hair on the head of the old post office across the street. (I saw it afterward.)

    The Twin Towers, however, collapsed into what looked like the kind of pyroclastic cloud one sees in a volcano….much more smoke and dust than Building 7. You should look up the work of Dr. Judy Woods who believes it might have been a scalar weapon that took them down. I am not saying I agree, just that it is interesting.

    So, why do I say the collapse of Building 7 does not prove a conspiracy? One, I believe the mechanisms were different and two, I don't think those who planned the operation intended the building to collapse. Well, if that is the case why did it come down?

    I believe that explosives were placed in Building 7 many years prior to 9-11? I see you are scratching your heads.

    NYC has this very small county airport called JFK….well, it's actually pretty big and brings in International flights from all over the place….places that do not have flights to either Reagan National or Dulles. Where am I going with this?

    When NOCs (non-official cover(s) or Legals came off their flights following their assignments they needed to be debriefed right away. Langley is in Virginia, several hours away. The CIA needed an office in which to do just that. They had one, in fact, the largest field office outside of Langley in the US and you guessed it. It was in Building 7 along with an office of the DOD (the Department of Defense, and the Secret Service's Manhattan Field Office.

    Many Americans do not know that Secret Service Agents do not just do protection. Secret Service is part of the Treasury Department and as such investigates counterfeiting and fraud. The Agents have to rotate through investigations and are assigned to different offices mostly around CONUS. (I knew one who had been in Manhattan…many do not like the assignment because of the cost of living/housing.) The building also housed New York City's Office of Emergency Management.

    In a case of either civil unrest or natural disaster it is my contention that if the building had to be evacuated quickly, the burn bags or shredders you have seen in movies would not be useful. Burying their secrets under a pile of rubble until such time that the area could be secured and the trash sifted and dealt with seems to be an excellent solution. Again, the planners never intended building 7 to be affected by fire….it just happened.

    Therefore, while the destruction of building 7 was the result of 9-11 the explosives were placed long before. Whatever brought the Twin Towers down, (and it was not jet fuel,) however, was done as a result of a conspiracy involving Israel and factions of our own government.

    I hope someday, all of the details regarding the event will come to light.

    What I also think Americans need to know is that Israel is not our ally. They are an enemy and should be declared as such. I do not believe the attack on the USS Liberty was an accident. Israel has used us as its proxy. Who do you think was behind the plan that was disclosed by General Clark to invade 7 countries in five years!

    Once Israel is declared an enemy, the JDL, ADL, and AIPAC can be forced to register as foreign agents which will impair their ability to raise the large amounts of money they do through NGOs….and of course putting an end to the five billion plus in aid we give them some of which comes back to finance the campaigns of our congressional leaders. (Many of them have been compromised and are being blackmailed as a result of Mosaad operations according to one of my sources.)

  13. The Following NULLIFIES Everything you base your argument on – OBOZO REPEALED TRUTH IN MEDIA LAWS, IN HIS NDAA 2013. All mainstream news was reclassified as ENTERTAINMENT, which is why they get away with LIBEL,SLANDER & FAIRYTALES. The "obama- ination" manufactured years of LAMESTREAM PROPOGANDA & Subjected Americans to more leftist propoganda than North Korea. FACT: our Muslim President ,appointed many of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD to high offices of govt & MEDIA. HE IMPORTED MILLIONS MORE COSTING TAXPAYERS BILLIONS. Muslims are famous for playing "victim" & RACE BAITING to DIVIDE/ distract for political agenda. Remember where/when Recent racial tensions STARTED? in Ferguson, Mo, with OBOZO fanning the flames. No suprise,the Brotherhood was THERE, stirring the turds. Its ALL Laid out in MOHAMMED AKRAMS "Strategic Plan For North America" & was accepted by the BROTHERHOOD as a plan of action in 1995. You are SO FAR OFF –WAKE UP! You're playing to the enemy, "USEFUL IDIOT" is the term

  14. Oh Rich, did Jesus not say he is the good shepherd and his flock would recognize his voice? The masters of this world are of God and Satan and if You don’t believe God steps in from time to time to give his people relief, I don’t know what to tell you other than the Bible states this happens over and over. You really have few choice and they come down to Trump is of God or of Satan. I warn you, don’t be quick to judge he is of Satan because if your wrong and you call Gods chosen Satan it’s not going to be good for you. Peace

  15. they have shown their hand
    completely and fully . we now know, THE ZIONISTS try to subjugate america…they try these attacks and try for terror, so they can create more security, and collect guns, and grab more power for them, as american workers and families, get fucked over

  16. richie is right
    and the jewish, specifically the zionists
    took over the central banking system
    established on a far away island. the fed……………….-eral reserve system A PRIVATE CORPORATION
    from a tiny island called puerto rico, way , east of florida. off the coast near cuba !

  17. I honestly thought that Trump was on our side but the more you expose him the more you have changed my mind, I knew Alex Jones was a puppet but I was on the wall with Trump.


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