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  1. The devils attacks against us mght not make some of us sin but just immobalize us into depression. We must repond in strength like a swimmer under water bursting to the surface for air.

  2. You are doing a wonderful job of teaching your flock Brother Wayne. You are one of the most Transparent Christian Teachers that I've come across, and that is why I stay here and get fed with the Wisdom of God. Don't let that enemy get into your head, God's Grace Has You Already 🙂 Be of good cheer Brother 👍👊✝️ For we your flock Love YOU Brother, So be Encouraged in Jesus Christ Mighty Name 🐺✝️✝️✝️

  3. I was just having a discussion about my daughter and son in law cussing all the time and they were telling me that there was nothing about cussing in the Bible! That I was reading the old testament and not the new because back then it meant different cuss/ swear words. And no matter what I said I was wrong and crazy,a Bible thumper trying to preach. I ended up just saying I had to get off the phone after trying to explain my point of them cursing. But since my son in law has read the Bible also that he said I needed to read it or look it up on Google. So I looked it up on Google and started reading the scriptures where it talked about cursing ,but I was still wrong! Sometimes you just got to let it go. It's on them not me.

  4. I suffer with pride always wanted to take the reins and try and take control of whatever the situation is that I'm in so I'm praying now father God take this feeling of Pride away from me I pray that you take control of my life

  5. Being a Christian and fighting the flesh is very hard, the closer we are to God, the enemy sends more darts, that's why I always pray to put on the shield of armor to keep me much more calmer, to do his will not my own, I pray for all of you, please pray for me !


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