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  1. “Don’t mind me dre just looking for the man of the hour lol Em don’t be the scapegoat because you already have one and he has pink hair so be more than a man be the hero, I already know out of respect ✊🏼 “

  2. God's Spell… Hello Andre
    KJV 2nd Thessalonians verse 2
    Saten returns at the 6th trump (action) pretending to be Christ. Christ returns 5 months later.

    Are you excited to see Eric W. I grew up with yall. I'm 50 years old.

  3. progress on DRE, Em stock be slim always ben already on a plane Kamikaze, said already he found jeasus behind tdimeinc's bar that man marshall still has no fear. Marshall a prophet now he already know what would come, but never ever face to face one on one, he would laugh call it gay ay this man always has a way out more then the original han solom talkin about star wars , shit gets dizzy when you ruphed my em's kims and her x's god damn no matter what i say where your honey that bee stays wit me join wwe sheeeeeeeeeeee use to be shhh you know how slim shady goes he goes after any angle me the dime make $cents out of bullshit, ya know a new beat released thats more beautiful to me then that real girl at kfc md ds just saying my head has not been wetted in while so to say we all familiar with the GAME…………….had to "edit somethings out" year from now might edit it again lol

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  5. Yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    What? Uh, what?
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Dre, you ready?
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
    (Yo, we gotta gotta kill 'em with this one) alright
    Check, check, check, check, check (get 'em)
    Cut 'em undercover, timeless, ready for 'em, progress
    Feelin' like I'm just gettin' started
    Two shots back for my dearly departed, uh
    You are now dealin' with a monster, boss shit, profits
    Doc Dre, bitch, I'm a prophet
    Black Wall Street, niggas know where the stock is, heh
    Try me, niggas never see me, but it ain't hard to find me, heh
    Unwinding, shit's blinding, still grinding, uprising
    Ah, stop talking 'bout the past, I'm the future, nigga
    Uh, nigga like me, still here, motherfucker, go figure
    Lookin' for my next gold digger
    This summer here gon' be colder than winter
    Already told you, I fold you like hundreds of billions
    And you can go missing, put that on my children
    Bet that, nigga, what? Regret that, run it up
    Heh, and I'm about to sum it up
    This shit here that problem, livin' at the bottom of a bottle
    "Full throttle, " my motto, yeah
    Fuckin' with me like fuckin' with the lotto
    That awful, in your nostril, in a brothel, this is gospel
    Yeah, I'm a need all that pronto
    Yes I'm, yes I'm, yes I'm
    Gon' ride 'til I die
    Give a fuck if you bitches die
    Put a motherfucking hole in your face
    Back up bitch, don't even try
    I am that motherfucker, been the coldest
    Why you on that? No one know us
    Overdosed on what dope is (yeah)
    Hip-hop shit sell better than the coke did
    Like a satanic cult
    It's an old ritual slaughtering GOATS, bitch (GOATS, bitch, yeah)
    You're fucking with the original, flow's sick
    And anybody can get it, COVID
    You fuckin' with that?
    I done wrote shit that was so sharp
    I could slit my own fucking throat with it
    So rich, I got more chips than my shoulders
    And I'm about as approachable as a roach is (roach is)
    Yeah, so better steer clear from him
    Here comes a nuclear bomb for your eardrums
    Lyricism at its most fearsome and fierce
    We are on another tier like a tear duct's upper echelon (yeah)
    Your career subbing me (what?), It was sheer luck (like what?)
    Like a fuckin' leprechaun with its beard cut
    (Still a) punisher, weapon drawn with a beer gut
    You're slower than a Decepticon with its gear stuck
    (And I what?) I serial kill, and you're Kellogg's
    I love checks and I hate tricks
    And you're a fake bitch (bitch)
    I could spot you like you 'bout to weight lift (yeah)
    Bitch, I'm badder than cake mix
    (But, I) can't be whipped with egg beaters (nah)
    You cunts must be out of your labias
    And God is my alias, so if I don't have faith in me
    Then it basically makes me an atheist (woo)
    Nate Diaz, got the world by the tracheas
    In a chokehold and a sleeper (yeah)
    And me and Dre are like dog hair (woof)
    We're both in our lab coats like retrievers
    But, like a Doberman, I'm a whole different breeder (what?)
    Animal mutt mixed with a overachiever (yeah)
    Oh, you're the king of rap? You're about to be overthrown
    Like a pass over the head of an open receiver
    At least you can end up comin' to blows like a wiener
    But, I ain't finish puttin' these hoes through the ringer (nah)
    Like clothes in between the two roll is a weight
    No, what I mean is flow's interwoven, I treat 'em like thread (why?)
    That's how I wound up sewin' machine up
    So, fucks if you don't give up me the time to ride or die (yeah)
    'Cause you're either both or you're neither (yeah)
    Throw a middle finger up (yeah) if you're rollin' (yeah)
    But, me, I'm gonna-
    Ride 'til I die
    Give a fuck if you bitches die
    Put a motherfucking hole in your face
    Back up bitch, don't even try
    I am that motherfucker, been the coldest
    Why you on that? No one know us
    Overdosed on what dope is
    Hip-hop shit sell better than the coke did

  6. Hear me out Dr Dre. You grab…. Yourself, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, that new girl Doja Cat and throw them on a Dr Dre revamped Elton John – Benny and the Jets beat with Elton still doing the hook. Or maybe throw Missy Elliot on it to attack the beat and give it a hook. And not for the money, but for the love of music that has rhythm and good lyrics that stays constant throughout many generations. Generation X artist collaborations still have some more opus magnum hits to be done.


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