New England Journal of Medicine
dr fauci explains new 30 day lockdown
adam green KMN alex jones loves Q



  1. Are we talking about Alfred E Neuman MAD scientist Fauci who owns a patent on the vaccine for CV19… and stands to make millions on this vaccine? Sure makes sense to have him advise the government on CV 19 policies…

  2. Double talk bullshit, cases go up but death rates go down. how stupid do they think we are ? I guess the majority believe everything the TV says, Alex Jones is flipped

  3. At 9:26 he slips up and says when talking about Qanon- "first time this level of (insurance) meaning to day intelligence has been used"!!!!!Think about it! They distract us!! One of their biggest strategies- who is their biggest threat here in the US? It would be our Patrions our armed intelligent brave patriotic citizens retired military law enforcement! Q is their insurance to keep all the patrions distracted in false belief that we have our country in control again by the skin of our teeth. SO.. "BELIEVE IN THE PLAN" dont worry "HAVE FAITH IN THE PLAN"! "BE PATIENT" etc. Daily releasing only cripted msgs and riddles that take time and effort by all to decode! It's all their game to keep those of us that could have been those that would have been a threat or challenge in their take over to busy, distracted and buffaloed to stop and realize or even use their common scense to snap at what really happening! We were played again guys- we've – we started out as a snow ball in hell of a chance- we dont even have that now! When I snapped to it was over Bush Sr. And McCain (trial execution BS)! Made no sense it was implemented that way! No way ANY American in any position would find these two grossly evil men. That committed the horrific crimes against humanity including our own sons and daughters guilty executed only to LIE to the American people and the world because they made a promise to them not to destroy their LEGACY!!!!!!! And to allow one to be buried in ARLINGTON CEM. Along side our REAL American heros!! That desecrated the whole cementary and spit in every soliders and their families face- that is buried there or ever lost their life in battle in the name of this country!! So……that's what woke me up!!I'm not very book smart- but I've got good instincts and thank God common scense. Just dont always use it. GOD BLESS US ALL!

  4. I'm with you 100%. As badly as we want it to be true. As much as we need "America Great Again"! Sad thing – BUT- common sense guys! They censor and delete little informative "conspiracy labled" YouTube channels for using the wrong word- but their going to allow Q to divulge all their secrets! Do you think if they didnt want Trump in office he would be? How long did it take them to get rid of Kennedy? It's all part of their war games- just like the unemployment 600+ per ck bonus! And the stimulus- keep us calm make us feel good a "lil bit" safer like they have our backs-sooth us until they finish installing all the 5g. Their strategy can only work for so long especially with those of us awake and the internet which will go next! We all need to get together around the whole globe!!!!! Kneel and pray at the same time! Massive numbers of us praying for forgiveness asking for wisdom and strength to get us thru the journey we are beginning becausevits going to be horrific unimaginable! Its written!@ weve been told! And time is here! Our only hope – and really all we need us God our Savior! If we all prayed on our knees around the world at the same time daily! It will have a big impact. May not stop what's coming because its written but will have a big positive impact! And will certainly hinder these demons in charge. We cant let them get our souls and that's what this is all about!!! What it's always been about! Taking our souls! Somebody help me get this daily praying going to get the time and we know that even after the communication has stopped the prayers dont. We will be the army of God!

  5. Ok but what about a person I PERSONALLY KNEW who DIED OF COVID-19!?!???
    Who was having flu like symptoms, went to the hospital and had to be on a ventilator????? Later, DIED!???? That wasn't fake. This person DIED UNFORTUNATELY!

  6. Trump is not Jesus Christ. Keep that in the front of your mind. Trust God, and get in the Bible. Jesus, who came to earth, gave His life to pay the sin debt of the World, is coming soon.ย If you can believe that, He's coming back for you. Ask Him to be the Lord of your life.
    Jesus is Lord, and no other.

  7. after researching Q it's a set up y'all , Q is going to walk it's followers rt off a Cliff, I believe it's Psyop, to give people a false sense of hope. Forget biblical we can get Astrological.Trump is a Gemini they wear two faces, the Gemini is the master magician because there are two of them. The Gemini has loyalty to no one but themself, They are the original narcissist. He will break the hearts of the Q people and when he does …America will have a Mental Health Crisis

  8. CV and the tale of two states in the 30 days time.
    March 6th- Reported CV cases. MA. 3, HI. 1
    April 6th- Reported CV cases. MA. 13,837, HI. 369.
    April 6th- Reported CV deaths. MA. 260, HI. 4
    April 6th- Reported CV cases per 1M. MA. 2,005, HI. 260.

    Hawaii is a non high speed 5G environment.
    Verizon rolled out 5G September at Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough and then November 2019.
    ATT rolled out 5G in February 2020.

    Conspiracy theories are wattless energy to me. I just kept noticing wherever there was a CV hotspot around the world you would find 5G , over and over again including the Carnival owned cruise ships. To me because it is the only common coincidence I've seen I'd just wish they would turn off the 5G in a hotspot city or state for a test period. So we at least could get over this quicker if it turned out they were connected.

    Just an observation. In our lifetime we never experienced anything like this CV pandemic, until they
    started the rollout of 5G. Once they started to roll 5G out we did almost immediately afterwards started to experience this CV pandemic. If this is a man made problem it has a man made solution. On April 2nd, The Top 15 countries out of the 204 countries affected were 87% of the total CV cases. All those countries have 5G for public use and or domestic surveillance purposes (China, Iran, Turkey).

    One other insight is the other bias we are up against? The earth, our body, our brains are electromagnetic. It is primarily a bioelectromagnetic interference issue (undetermined rapid spread 96% of the cases, CDC) and secondly a biochemical one (contagious).

  9. So many people are asleep still. Talking to them is like talking to a wall. But what it comes down to is making a choice the choice to live free or getting a vaccination that will grow and fuse in us making us AI/ humanoids. They will control us and everything we do. NWO coming to our neighborhoods .
    Great job waking up the ๐Ÿ‘.

  10. The reason they have to tell us what they're doing is because they don't have the authority to do it without our consent, do you hear that, they don't have authority… only a born again Jesus believer has authority, andI I do not consent to the detention, enslavement or destruction of the human race however I do give consent to the detention and destruction of satan and his hordes. Who's with me?

  11. The Fauci article is misleading as it looks like it was written in March but it was really penned in February if you click on the bottom of the article under references.

  12. I agree with your Q assumption. I also believe Q to be a FF or hoax. I have a feeling that qtards will be used for some sort of event. Possible just to turn the tards into strawmen.
    Dont trust the damned plan

  13. Here's an anagram for ya! … CORONA … OR A CON ???'

    CORONA PANDEMIC … Draconian Cop Me … Canard Income Op … American Cop Don

    CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC … A Vaccine Dis Promo Run

    "Virologist Says Measles Virus Doesn't Exist – Offers 100K Reward For Anyone With Actual Evidence" –ยย ย 

    Questioning Conventional Wisdom in the COVID-19 Crisis, with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (interview) (Fauci – corona is flu) (Dana – censored) (US hospital staff losses)

  14. I think you need to get drunk and get laid my friend. Easy that mind of yours. You are smart and we all love conspiracy theories. The problem is that not everything is as it seems and can be confusing. I'm saying I'm right and I don't doubt you . You have been right alot, I think we just gotta wait are what comes. So many people are panicking and here in Seattle there have been homeless stealing TVs and what not, so most Businesses have boarded up for the unrest to save thier properties. I think if we all stay positive and not give out that negative and fear energy we can prevail. If Hillary was in offi e I would worry, but Trump's keeps saying stay calm, we'll get through this and he is not the type of guy to kill Americans and profit. The guys history speakers for itself and he calls out the fake news and he says don't get vaccines and don't get tested unless absolutely necessary. I think Q is real and there is so much to back Trump and what the military keeps showing us. My company, troop E 303rd Cav is not gonna go out and harm citizens for the hell of it or to lock us up and kill us. Go play some vids, take a break. Love ya Richie, your good hearted and only want to help. I think off on this one though. I hope you are.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  15. And if there was a real pandemic, why would we still send troops to Europe and 17 other countries to play war games, in a seriously , highly infected country and send these troops with no hazmat gear or mop gear? I can tell from my training and days in war, you were not allowed to go into a area without it. And again, none of these troops have hazmat and all of them have been training in UNDERGROUND WARFARE!!!!! What's underground Richie??? Tunnels, trafficking for humans, children,drugs. What did they just post up in NY? Right outside the pier 90 and it's tunnel system runs right to Clinton Foundation, Hell's kitchen and oh yah, the Segrams woman, Clare Bronthrum. How many coincidences have to happen before you actually give it some merit. And please don't associate Alex Jones for facts, he's a NUT. He has alot of knowledge and info, but spins to fuck with people and he admits that he is kind of retarded. No offense. Time will tell. I like to stay positive with one eye on the bad side just in case. Peace

  16. Richie why do u keep focusing on this one topic of the virus and how weak it is? We all know the main stream is fake and bs, yes the virus is real and weak, but what you also knock and laugh at is the 5G. Why is 5 G so important that it has to be installed everywhere while this is going on? They are literally all over working and digging up the street, installing cable, antennas etc. The info in 5G is dangerous correct? Microwaves? Destroying cells, manipulating water , causing severe health affects. Am I wrong yet? You knock that and you knock Q. Ok your theory is the only one correct. So why are top,high ranking officers going into Peru and other parts of the country to save people, children from these countries? You could send any troops, rangers etc?

  17. Watch Stepanopolous interview " Mike Cronk"after the Las Vegas"shooting". He leads"Cronk"with questions and about how"Cronks""buddy"got shot 3 times in the chest from 450 yards away by a guy shooting an AK47 with a bump stock. That would make the JFK shooting an easy shot by comparison.


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