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Dreams about award symbolizes happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment of life goals and objectives. If you are receiving an award or expecting in real life, such dream also influences good news and favour. Award represents as a mark of honor or recognition. If you are a student and you are being awarded with smile over you, it means power, honour and respect. Perhaps you have been performing excellently well in your academic. Such an ward represent the key of your success and opportunities. There is a time for everything , a season of working well another season of planting, On the other hand, if you are winning a trophy , it means a success and promotion over a person in the same business or career with you.


1. My Father my Father, deliver me from every fruitless labour in Jesus Name.
2. My Father, my God, end the plague of spending unnecessarily without purpose in my life in Jesus Name
3. I break every curse of rising and falling, in Jesus name.
4. O Lord, end every unproductive effort in my life in Jesus Name.
5. You strong man from my father’s/mother’s house that defiled my parents and left them with nothing, you will not succeed in my life. I destroy you now in Jesus Name.
6. I judge every satanic locust that devours my money and investments without a trace and daily reduce me mysteriously, in Jesus Name.
7. You evil horn that has been scattering my resources, I expose and destroy you by fire, in Jesus Name.
8. Every canker worm and caterpillar devouring my life, catch fire in Jesus Name.
9. I decree and declare from today, I shall see tangible results of my labour in Jesus name.
10. Any power sitting on my career advancement, I withdraw your peace until you are unseated, in the name of Jesus.




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