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There are lots of spiritual meanings behind the dream about car accident. An example of an accident is a collision between two cars. Car accidents in dreams most often are warning message. It represents message of tragedy, and aborted expectations/plans. It shows that there is a situation that is out of control. This type of dream is also associated with bad luck, confusion, threat to the fulfillment of your destiny. Perhaps you are going to an important place. In some cases, you may experience car accident or not in your waking life.

However, if you wake up to experience fear, weakness, pains etc then it indicates a big attack coming. It is possible wicked powers may not allow you to obtain success, breakthrough and victory. The car in your dream also represent your instrument of advancement, if your car collided, or had a brake failure, or car caught fire, then such a dream indicate the plan of the enemy either to kill you, to crumble your plans, to put you in one spot, or to make you lose your investment. The car accident in your dream could be a pointer that you are not safe, or a sign that you are about to walk in the shadow of darkness/death.

In real life, we have car learner. If in your dream you were a learner driving on the road, that symbolize taking a risky decision/action that is likely to make you regret. If in your dream your vehicle collided into a car where it killed a child, it means a death sentence has been filed against you. If care is not taken, this type of dream has the capacity to put you in bondage. If this is true that you have a car in real life, this is not the best time to drive it out as you may choose to soak it into the pool blood of Jesus.

If you have a car accident dream where everybody die, that’s a fatal incident, isn’t it? it may indicate the decision of the enemy to put you in big problems. You may feel guilty about it or you are not proud of what you have done. It is also possible that the dream just appear for you to be mindful the way you drive and your next plan to travel. You may have a feeling like something would occur if you eventually go against the spiritual warning behind this dream.

Sometimes, your dream may involve crashing into water or house. Crashing into water and house means witchcraft manipulation and control. It shows that there is a spell, curse, issued against you to make you move from one problem to the another. That’s why every time you have such a dream knows that someone is planning to scatter your destiny and make you useless and poor in life . On the other hand, If you hit a bus or a train in your dream, it shows that your biggest obstacles are coming from home battles.

If you are witnessing car, train, bus accident in a dream vision is generally a warning signal. This signal tells you that there is a danger ahead of you. This is especially true if you are planning to carryout a big task. If you are witnessing a fatal accident, it may also mean protection from evil. A clear confirmation that the angels are watching over you. However, this dream can also tell you to pray fervently before embarking on any journey. You may feel like you are unstable in your spirit, then I will advise you to read Psalm 27, Psalm 7:15-16.

Other dream symbols

1. If you dream that a family member died through car accident, it means terrible news is about to take place in the family that involves untimely death, mistakes and errors.
2. If you dream where car brakes failed, if you have a car in real life, it is telling you to call your mechanic to check the functionality of your brake. Do not ignore it. But if it happens you didn’t have a car, it is a signal that you are about to experience stagnation.
3. If you dream where someone’s car hit you and run, it indicates someone is looking for your troubles. Be wise and vigilant.
4. If you dream that a car, bus, train hit your child by accident, it means death. Always watch over your children and warn them against crossing the road.
5. If you dream where where husband, wife and children were wasted without survival through ghastly motor accident, it means tragedy and calamity has been programmed into the family bu witches and wizards. Pray for your family’s protection everyday.
6. If you dream where a person or people survived the accident, it means the angels of God is with you , which also translate that the Lord has delivered you from the snare of the Fowler and from the noisome pestilence.

The only way to really figure out if your dream about car, train, or bus accident has a spiritual meaning is to meditate on the dream through prayers and fasting, what happened in it and how you felt. Also, you should do this immediately after you wake up while the entire dream is fresh in your mind. Visualize what happened in the life of people in the car.




  1. I've had so many dreams of car crashes. I'm never driving. It's always my mother, grandmother, sometimes my husband. They drive reckless and crash into other cars.
    One time I didnt have my seatbelt on and when we crashed, I did not move at all from the seat. I should have flown out of the car

  2. I had a dream my husband drove a golf cart directly into a large body of water. Right before it hit the water, I opened the door (or rolled the window down, cant remember) so that I could get out of the car once it hit the water.

  3. Evangelist Joshua please I need help this dream comes many time whenever am in prayers or fasting
    One i see my self on some road that was going to involve in the fatal accident but from nowhere somebody comes and help me out another one I see some family with children involving in accident and perish even tonight have dreamed seeing some family was moving in a car but they were killed and the blood was flowing passing our houses but for me I was looking for my children to come back home not to step in that blood I even cained them and put them back in the house but my kids were dressed half naked going to their aunt that dreams repeats everytime am in prayers i dont know the meaning

  4. I had a dream that I was at my gun training at night & a man was laying in the road dead after an accident with his dog & emt/police on the scene.. & as I got closer to see who he was, the dog chased me. What does this mean??

  5. Good day Evangelist, l had dream today l was pushing a shopping trolley to town and then l accidently removed my hands from the trolley and it turned into a car with no driver inside and it started speeding down hill and i was running after it and when i finally reached a robot intersection i realised the car i was chasing had caused massive car accident that involved many cars and many people died and l started crying and then there was a lady who appeared claiming to be my mother but i ddnt know her but she wanted to hide me from the police but i told her i would not run from police and then there was a white lady who was a police officer and she started shouting at me asking me why l causes this car accident and l kept telling her lm sorry and l could not stop crying and she put handcuffs on me and l continued crying.
    Please what is the meaning of this dream. Thank u

  6. I'm just from the dream, helicopter and I was picking but it couldn't fly ,I think bcoz of weight ,it's overloaded ,I was in control and it catch fire I managed to put out fire nobody was hurt, though my shirt got burnt a small part. Whatever Satan is using to chain me with himself be broken in Jesus Christ I cover my whole family in Jesus Christ name. I thank you son of David for saving us all in Jesus Christ name

  7. I had a dream my cousin said something to me but she was mad got in a car then left so as it continued on this man and her was riding he had been the driver not too long after they spun around. I heard the name david. The spirit behind someone and circumstance spoke saying david. My cousin name is angela so I thought maybe his had been david.

  8. Dreamed I was driving a car and I crashed another. Car. As soon as it happened I got out of the car and went to check the people in the car i hitted.Nobody was dead and I was telling them that am so sorry. It was a lady bleeding in that car ( not serious bleeding but blood on her shirt)and a man driving. The man went out to get the lady out of their car and my dream stopped . Can you help me understand it please. I did not have any injury myself

  9. Im using my wife youtube i had a dream i was going on a bridge as i got half way there i saw the support cables falling then i saw everything fall apart around me as i was still going i fell and it was a big fall there was no water i somehow got hold of something like a rope but when i looked up it showed the bridge was no longer there. I made some very serious mistakes in my walk with Christ and this one i said somethings that i wish i didnt say. And i experienced a few dsys later like my spiritual mind left me and a hardness of heart. But then later like two weeks later i felt in my heart to preach the gospel but i refrained cause i didnt want to be a false prophet if i wasnt right with God. Then i experienced my heart being hardened all over like it stretched like a pulse. I been overwhelmed in my thoughts for months now. Constantly thinking if i lost my salvation. Please dont cherry coat anything if you have answer from God to give an interpretation of what it is please let me know. My email is j0hnnybegood1121@gmail.com or you can just reply here my wife will receive it and she's a Christian. Thank you Joshua Urekhie for your time.

  10. Good Morning, what if i stand from afar and watch the car get in an accident and no one was in the car. Next I see myself in a luxury car and all I remember it drove so nice but I don't think i was driving it, I got the impression it was my friend driving but it was me…

  11. Hello Evangelist. Please, I dreamed I was in a white car that an angel was driving. It was going at a very high speed. At a certain place where we were travelling, I came across a herd of comodo dragon far away on my right side. When they saw the car, one of them began to pursue and overtook my car. When I saw this, I told my driver to slow down in order to hit that beast from the back. We did it, but my car came to a stop in the opposite direction and unable to move again. Thank you very much for your concern. God bless you bountifully in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen. Shalom

  12. Can you interpreted this dream had a gold key couldn't find
    the building where I was to go, found myself wandering around this big place marble everywhere look like a mall there was arches and pillar of marble,people walking around I was dress in this outfit it had glow to it . This lady came to help me we couldn't find the building , I looked at the key it had a tag with was light blue the name of the building I could see the first letter was P.

  13. I had a dream my friend was driving i was in the passenger sit she hit a fence i said watch out and i woke up. Also i had today a dream where i was driving the car stop working i left the car in the middle of the street and walk away but after in the dream i was worried the card might be stolen can you please help me interpreted this dream thank you and God bless you

  14. Thank you evangelist i had a dream am driving my car the car is speeding am about to make a right turn but the car turn left for itself and plunge into a sea where the hindus in my country perform rituals and burials. I was in the car under the water it was real dark couldnt see anything so i feel for my phone call my boyfriend told him i love him i call my mom told her i love her and to tell everyone i love them cause i dont think i could survive the crash then immediately i was back on the ROAD i saw some men around me i told them how the car just flew over to the left on its own i ask the men where is the vehicle they pointed when i look the vehicle was still in the sea not sunken just upside down . I think the men saved me . Does this mean am under marine powers like u said in the video

  15. Dreamt i was driving and along the road was 2 kids. For some reason i gave these kids a ride and they started to make a comotion. I stopped the car and got out then the car kept on moving by itself. People in the flat came out and saved those children and called the police. The landed on its roof down the bank. Help

  16. Thank you man of God for this video clip. For several months now I'm seeing in my dream different types of new cars. Also, Continuously for several months I saw a bicycle in my dream when other people riding it. What is bicycle represents in the spiritual realm?
    Is this related to church? Thanks.

  17. Thanks for the explanation man of God. I had a dream last week, I drove my car to a shop and I parked outside the shop to get something, but when I came out my car bonnet was scattered as if it was a bomb. Only the front of the car was scattered. What does that mean Sir? . Thank you.

  18. Mostly in car dreams, I can never stop with the breaks or sometimes unable to turn the wheels. I ask you Jesus to take all Ancestry Curses and wickedness off All who Suffer them who ask you in your Holy Name Mine Jesus Mine Savior ~ AMEN. Thank you for making life in these time clear and always with passion of truth Sir Joshua. I am so glad Jesus lets me know you even if it is on the internet. I keep you in mine prayers Always ~

  19. I had one last night but I was not in the car. Someone else’s car slid back and crash into an intersection but nobody was in that car. He tried to blame me for this.


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