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Dream about Jesus symbolizes salvation, mercy, visitation and power. To dream about Jesus Christ is a sign of hope and faith. His appearance indicates that He is there with you in your battles and ready to take away your burdens. If you see the Holy Spirit coming towards you in the dream, it signifies divine encounter. It means your prayers have been answered. In some cases, dream about Jesus Christ could tell you to repent from sin and forsake them. The sign/symbol is also related to joy of your salvation and freedom from bondage. Dream about Jesus’ mother is a sign of blessing. It means your sin has been forgiven.

1. O Lord, appear in my dream tonight and settle my case, in Jesus name.
2. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, break my yokes, in Jesus name.
3. Holy Spirit, arise and flow over my soul, body and spirit, in Jesus name.
4. Lord Jesus, draw me nearer to You, in Jesus name.




  1. Ill dream jesuschrist very live and you ca not touch him lhe is like spirit but alive the scene is in beach i saw his mansion and the beach a lot of people and i saw a house lightebed by holy spirit i go to jesus mansion he is from a shower and talk to me go there there so many people

  2. A while back I had a dream that there was a doorway to Heaven open not too far from the ground in the air. The clouds were the threshold. It was all light. I then saw Jesus standing in the doorway wearing a white robe with a red sash. I was so excited I ran to go meet Him. He as well came down to meet me and I gave Him a very tight hug. He had nothing but the look of love in His eyes and a smile on His face. He never said anything to me. He then went to play with children behind me that were happy, playing and getting along. I went to some people who were sitting at a picnic table in the shade a ways from where I was at along with the children (where we were there was no shade it was all in the sunlight). I was so excited about seeing Jesus that I said to these people sitting in the shade, "Jesus came to me first!" A woman sitting with this group of people told me, "I don't want to hear anything bad!" She acted as if me mentioning Jesus and that He came to me was a bad thing.

  3. Greetings evangelist I once had a dream where I saw a man being killed by a mob and when I asked who is this I heard the voice saying this is Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins and immediately I saw Lord Jesus on the cross wounded and bruised and crown of thorns in his head yes i saw him being crucified.I wish I could have a meaning

  4. I dreamt about Jesus 3times.Whenever I see Him in my dream He always hold my hand. The first time I saw Him He’s riding on a white horse, He’s shinning full of power!💙 Then I saw a huge wave coming towards me and He took my hand and said “Don’t be afraid.” Then I was horse backriding with Jesus . While we’re on the road I saw a school and the huge waves behind us collapsed in that school.😢 Not sure if it’s related in an incident happened few weeks later coz there was a big storm actually it was a Super Typhoon Haiyan and we called it Super Typhoon Yolanda in my country and as I’ve watched on the news, there was a school (used as an evacuation center) collapsed because of storm surge.😢💔 There were lots of people died in that said incident. It happened in Tacloban in the Philippines. Because of that tragedy I asked myself if it was just a coincidence?..

    The second time He visited in my dream I saw Him shining and glittering. He looked so perfect! He also held my hand and I felt His love and I felt so peaceful.😍

    The third time, I was dreaming that I’m sleeping in my bed and He appeared beside me. I saw Him with a “human body”. He wears white with a scarlet sash. He once again held my hand and I felt His power running in my whole body. It’s like I was being electric shocked! And then a huge whirlwind suddenly appeared in front of me and it consumed me and I shouted and then I woke up. But before I sleep I asked Him in my prayer about the ‘rapture’ thing.

  5. This reminds me of a dream I had many many years ago.

    I was looking for Jesus. I walked into a church. No one was in the church except Mary. She was standing on the stage with her hands out like in the catholic statues. I walked up the aisle and spoke to her. I asked her where Jesus was. She answered and said "He is not here."

    Then the scenery changed and I was thrown into the ocean. The water was so very clear and I could see I was swaying with the water with tropical fish. So many colors! Amazingly beautiful. Then I noticed all the way down to the bottom of the ocean something sparkling like a diamond. It looked like a diamond. So I quickly swam all the way down.

    When I got down to the depths of the darkness I saw it was a big boulder. And under the boulder people, women and children, were hiding. Thier eyes are black. They were scared. I asked them why they were hiding. I told them God loves them so very much and ministered to them. They started to listen and hear what I was telling them was true. Then I saw a spiral of Light come down to the bottom of the ocean and these people were taken up. I was left on the floor of the ocean wondering why I wasn't taken with them. Then another spiral of Light came and took me up. It brought me out of the water and placed me carefully onto a fishing hat. Then I woke up…

    I woke asking God what this dream meant. I heard… "I am the fisherman, and you are my lure."

    In these times of not being able to be inside the walls of the church…we are supposed to be fishing with Jesus!

  6. I always sees jesus christ in my dreams almost every time.l saw him sitting down under a tree in heaven eating fruit. I called him he answered me and looked down at me and ran l ran after him.l saw him came down with two Angel's and were blessing people l went to him he looks like John the Baptist..l saw him he came to me and said look into my eyes his eyes were very lovely sky blue. Infact so many encounters l love jesus nothing can pluck him away from me till we met in heaven. Halauyah AMEN

  7. Jesus came in ma dream twice in 2019 but I was in heaven with him and my friends too all of us was very happy also the angels were their too what does that mean this dream of mine mean? In reality I was reading my Bible then I had to go to the wc the door was half opened I forgot to close the door then I saw Jesus Christ but he didn’t look at me because he knew that I was in the wc he then disappeared and went back to heaven but I was so shocked and surprised too?

  8. I just had a dream as a homeless man that I had no where else to live but in Nj Penn 🚂 Station In Newark Nj And Saw Another Homeless Man Who Was Different From the rest , as I got closer To him and saw his hands , I immediately recognized him and began to cry , no One Payed Attention to him but me , The homeless man Got Closer To me And Said Follow Me And I Followed Him . Jesus was homeless and the world didn’t care .

  9. Hello Evangelist, so a few months ago I had a dream in which it seemed as if it was judgment day and a lot of people were getting judged. In front of me is a huge bright light. God is sitting in a big throne. The thing is I couldn’t see him, all I saw was a big white light. The part that I never understood of this dream is the fact that I saw my family as well, but what they told me confused me a lot. In the dream my mother said that she along with the rest of my family were condemned. I also realized that in the dream only I was wearing white and my family wasn’t. Before I would wake up the last thing I saw was me standing in front of God. He never spoke either. He seemed to just be looking at me. I never saw his face. After that I awoke. About one month later I had another dream, but this time it was Mother Teresa. This dream was shorter. I just saw her standing holding a huge painting of the Virgin Mary. She was also just looking at me and didn’t speak. I was wondering what these dreams could of meant since I wasn’t able to understand them.

  10. Please help me through Holy Spirit to interpret this dream. My mother had a dream this morning where she saw Jesus Christ in a dream, I think she first she saw him in a blue and red clothing and he was looking in her direction, but then she started to call my dad, myself and her mom to see Jesus, then he changed clothing and was in the same area in the sky and this time he was in white clothing, but this time his body was turned to the side instead of facing towards my mom but his face was covered. Then my mom woke up.

  11. This morning I had a dream that Jesus asked me two questions, "WHO AM I?" and "Where did you come from?" The first question, I responded to him by quoting what the Bible said.
    The second question, I responded "I came from heaven and you placed me in my mother's womb." I passed his test. He send me back on Earth to feed about the homeless and the animals, give them something to drink and open my mansion to them. I went back to heaven and he told me "GOOD JOB MY CHILD, YOU HAVE PASSED MY TEST AND DID WHAT I WANT ALL MY CHILDREN TO DO. Here is your REWARD." Can you tell me what this dream means? I still trying to figure out what reward he was giving me, I know I don't suppose to question his work. I probably will find out soon

  12. I once had a dream that i was at a crusade. I went up to the Alter and saw the nail scared hand of Jesus over His ❤ saying come unto me. I tried to see if i could His head but it was only light and i was crying so hard that i woke up with a terrible headache.

  13. I saw 3 crosses, two black men nailed to the cross left and right then the man in the middle was badly beaten n was on the ground pouring out a lot of blood, he was too weak that the others looked better than him. I was coming from writing an english paper which appeared blank when I was writing so decided to leave the exam room n after seeing the crosses rushed back to the exam then I heard a voice saying I have written the paper for you. And for sure when I checked someone had written the paper for me in the dream n was happy. What does it mean?


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